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disrupting the disruptors

Disrupting the disruptors: How to rewrite the digital insurance narrative

Once again, pundits are predicting the demise of “traditional insurance,” namely the local independent agency channel. It's time we disrupt ... more
insurtech disruptors win

How Insurtech Disruptors Will Defeat Independent Agents

Insurtech Disruptors will defeat independent agents. Here's how they'll do it ... more
disruptive insurance technology

What Charles Lindbergh’s Transatlantic Flight Teaches Us About the Rise of Chatbots

Today we're going to have a discussion about the rise of chatbots. But first we need to learn about Charles ... more
InsurTech Disruptors

Think You’re Ready to Beat Insurtech Disruptors? Read This To Find Out.

Everyone's talking about how Insurtech is disrupting our market, but who is talking about how to beat them? Inside you'll ... more
death by 1000 insurtech startups

Death by 1,000 InsurTech Startups: 7 Lessons Learned While Considering the Demise of Independent Agents

"The insurtech startups are coming." As the lines between insurtech startups and traditional independent agencies blur, the winners and losers ... more
InsurTech Companies Are Not Competing On Price, They’re Competing On…

InsurTech Companies Are Not Competing On Price, They’re Competing On…

3 trends to watch out for in the InsurTech space and what you can do about them. What independent insurance ... more
How $2.9 Billion In InsurTech Investments Is Transforming Our Industry...

How $2.9 Billion In InsurTech Investments Is Transforming Our Industry…

40 insurtech businesses. $2,902,508,000. These guys aren't messing around. They're here to shake things up. It's time for us to ... more
future of insurance

How to “Lean In” to the Future of Insurance

Ready to evolve your business from survive to thrive in a disrupted insurance marketplace? ... more
usage-based insurance startups

Will Usage-based Insurance Startups Change the Industry Landscape? – ANR28

What will usage-based insurance startups mean for the independent insurance industry? Today, we answer this question ... more
p2p insurtech insurance start-ups

3 Reasons Why P2P Insurtech Start-ups Will Not Disrupt the Insurance Industry

The peer-to-peer (P2P) insurtech movement will not disrupt the insurance industry. Why? You have to read to find out ... more
insuretech predictions

The Silicon Valley InsurTech Bubble (3 big insurance trends for the next 12 months and beyond)

Do not fool yourself into thinking a $10 mil check from a venture capitalist gives you a meaningful advantage ... more