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chip bacciocco

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio, we’re joined by CEO, Chip Bacciocco, for an inside look at the turnaround of

Three short years ago, was in trouble.

Despite more than adequate funding, the original team, (then known as Consumer Agent Portal, Project CAP or simply, “CAP”), was unable to materialize the vision of early investors and partners.

It became obvious, for to have a chance, a change was needed in leadership.

Chip Bacciocco, an insurance industry veteran, with experience in technology, was asked to right the ship.

What has Chip achieved?

In three years, Chip has lead from failing insurtech startup, to profitable market leader in the independent agent lead generation space.

Yes, you read that correctly, is a profitable company.

Not just profitable, but growing. Rarified air for a startup.

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Now that is making money and moving into a more mature phase in it’s lifecycle, I wanted to have Chip on to answer some questions about what was, is and will be in the years to come. Here are a few of the questions:

  • What did look like when you were first considered for the job?
  • Why would you take on a challenge with
  • How has been around to overcome initial obstacles?
  • How important is culture to a company turnaround?
  • How is transitioning from lead generator to technology company?

…these and so much.

This is an episode you do no want to miss.

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Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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