Closing the Gap: Blending the Art and Science of Storytelling

Storytelling is the best solution when interacting with those experiencing trauma. So is your agency storytelling or just providing data?

Simply saying “I am here for you, you aren’t alone and we will do this together.” Can make all the difference in turning a negative experience into a positive.

Author Michelle Auerbach joins us to share stories and offer insight regarding the importance of human connection.

Michelle Auerbach solves problems and creates change through story across diverse contexts. She works with businesses on change management, leadership, and creativity through story. She works with communities on creating social good, connection, and working across difference through story. She coaches and teaches individuals through workshops, trainings, and one-on-one explorations. She writes for the New York Times, The London Guardian, and is the author of three books: “Resilience: The Life Saving Skill of Story,” “Alice Modern,” and “The Third Kind of Horse.”

Introducing the “Closing the Gap” podcast for independent insurance agents with Westfield’s own Chris Cline.

Closing the gap provides a unique carrier point of view for independent insurance agents and the issues which impact their agencies. Episodes include interviews from industry experts mixed with a little humor to provide agents digestible information to help their agencies succeed.


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