Consistency Is Key

Consistency is Key

I’ve had three different producer roles and in all of the roles, I’ve been able to achieve the top producer status.  In my first producer position, I was only 28 years old and thought that I was doing well only because of the program put in place for me. My first producer position was inside of a credit union with referrals being sent to me, all I had to do was quote and sell.  Ten years later when I tried a producer role outside of a credit union where I was 100% responsible for my leads, it was extremely scary.  It only took me about six months to figure out a marketing plan that worked and stay consistent with it.  I’m currently in role number 3, with a large national agency and I’ve gotten to the top producer spot consistently for three months.

 A common question I’ve been asked by colleagues and employers is “What do you do differently to achieve these exceptional results?” Well, I’m going to give you the key to my success and hopefully your success too.  The key is consistency.  I stay true to being consistent on all of my marketing, quoting and selling plans.  The trick is to not get distracted by “busy” work which in the insurance industry is so easy to do.  Instead, choose productive work to focus on.  The best question to ask yourself when trying to decide if what your doing is “busy” work or productive work is this: “Will what I’m doing bring me more business or make the company more money?  I realize that I’m not the only one who has presented this idea, and it sounds too easy to work, but I’ve used it repeatedly in every job. 

 Whenever I start a new role, I set my goals and create a plan to reach each goal.  The goals are important because it keeps me focused on the big picture.  Typically, I set a small quarterly or monthly goal and then a large annual goal or five-year goal.  For example, right now my monthly goal is that when I reach $10,000 in revenue each month for three consecutive months, I’ll take a full spa day for myself.  My large goal is to take my daughter to Paris in 2023 for her graduation present.  This is what keeps my eye on the prize. 

 Okay now that I have my goals in place I just need to make a plan and write it down in a place I’ll see every day as a reminder.  My plan is a mix of marketing efforts, quoting, and selling.  First, marketing allows me to get referrals or leads in the door, because if I don’t have leads I don’t have quotes to work on. 

Marketing is the hardest part for most agencies and producers because it’s the easiest to become inconsistent with when you’re busy.  It’s also easy to give up on a marketing plan too quickly when it feels like the plan isn’t working.  I find that it takes anywhere from two to three months for a marketing plan to truly start providing consistent leads. Once the marketing plan is in place then it’s time to quote and sell some business.  This is the easy and fun part because all you have to do is take your goals then work backwards.  This is how I do it: I want $10,000 in revenue, and my closing ratio is 75% with an average revenue of $500 per household.  This means I need to do a minimum of 28 quotes and close 20 to reach my goal each month.  Easy peasy until you’re swamped and still need to do marketing.

The best thing to remember is that if your marketing plan goes to the wayside while you are focused on business that month, don’t expect to have business coming in the following month.  Again, consistency is the key to steady success. My current plan involves making a weekly calendar reminder to send out a video no matter how busy I am and making a minimum of 20 phone calls a week which is on my calendar as a task to complete. 

 In summary, the keys to success are attainable goals with a consistent plan to achieve your dreams. Now that I’ve given you the key to high production, go out and be a rockstar.        

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