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Insurance agents typically seek out their leads. They work with referral partners, they buy leads, they prospect face to face, they send mailers, they create a Facebook page to market to their connections, and so on. All of these entail you going to the client and seeking them out. Whether you’re working on a niche market or seeking out leads generally, you are the one pounding pavement to get quotes in the door.

How do you make it easy for the prospects you are looking for to find you?

Enter the power of Google and Google My Business pages.

Google is where people find stuff. Whether that stuff is information, a business, a product, or even some silly cat video, you can find it on Google.

When a client searches for “insurance agent,” Google geolocation will typically show the Google business pages of insurance agencies near their location. Or, they can search using the name of a town, or a zip code. One of the most popular searches for any business includes the phrase “near me.”

The key to successful marketing is being where your target audience will find you and knowing how to appear when they are looking for insurance.

If you don’t have a Google My Business page, you should create one, so prospective clients do not end up with the agent down the street who does. If you are not familiar with how to create a Google Business page, Google provides a support page to help create you create one, as well as a video.

If you have already created a Google business page, great!

I work with agencies across the country, and the most successful at bringing in business via Google have some very specific things they have included on their Google My Business page:

  1. Their phone number
  2. Website
  3. Hours of operation
  4. A photo of their agency office, business card, or themselves with their contact information.
  5. And location, location, location

The first three points above are basic, and do not require much explanation.

Bullet #4 addresses your Google business image, and it is important to create an image and not let Google put in a generic one. If you are a digital storefront, and the business address you have provided is your home, Google may input the Google street view of your home, which may not entice clients to work with you.

Bullet #5 is repeated a few times because it is so important: location. If your Google business page does not have a specific town listed, you may be harder to find by people searching for insurance agents near them. When your coverage area is the whole state, you may be less likely to show up in “near me” searches, which are among Google’s most popular search types. If you want to find clients locally via Google, be local on your Google business page, and continue to market statewide in your other marketing efforts.

The other key to marketing on Google is being reputable, which is evidenced by covering the five bullets above and having the best and most plentiful number of reviews. Like restaurant reviews, these will help drive or deter a client from your establishment. Getting lots of 5-star reviews on Google will help make working with you a simpler decision, and it will help drive your agency’s business higher on Google’s search results.

There are tons of ways to increase your Google reviews. You can do so organically or by using a paid service (although Google’s algorithms do favor organic growth). Agency Nation contributor Landon Bentham wrote a good article on crushing Google reviews that you can find here.

Lastly, once you have your Google business page created, optimized, and you are growing your reviews, consider Google Ads. If you consistently do not appear at the top of the list when you search for insurance agents near your location or town name in Google, you may consider running a Google Ad, which will jump your Google Business page up to the top of Google’s search results. Nick Andrews of Agency Nation shares Google Ad tips here.

If you do not have a Google business page, it is time to make one. If you already do, make sure you can be found using the search criteria your client will be using so they can find you.

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