Alright, I really don’t know how desperate the coordination needs to be, I just like the headline.

Yesterday was basketball practice and my nieces birthday party. Today it’s a good old fashion playdate with my best friend and his family.

It’s not a secret, why do you pretend it is?

The secret is what you want to sell.

The other secret is what your companies think you should sell.

The really big secret is the way they want you to sell it.

The truth is the way you CAN sell it.

If I had to guess, those secrets are rarely told and never talked about.

Listen, I get it, somethings should probably stay a secret.

Bachelor parties.

Almost anything you did in college.

How many times it took to get your insurance license.

But one thing you need to blow the whistle hard on is the lack of effort, honesty and interest happening in your company meetings.

It probably looks and sounds a lot like a conversation with your current or soon-to-be teenager.

You ask how they’re doing.

They say good.

In fact, let’s all binge watch “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix together.

We’ll (agents) play the part of Hannah Baker (teenager) and you (insurance company) can play the part of her parents.

When it’s all over we can both have a good cry and make sure to avoid bathtubs for awhile.

Dialing the dark comedy back a little…

I feel like the P&C world can learn a lot from health insurance.

Not about how to create a stable market unimpacted by government regulation and what an acceptable renewal rate looks like. However, that most companies push efficiency advancements and deploy a mercenary approach to acquiring business.

Even if for the most part we’re all just walking around with oven mitts on trying to hold on as long as we can.

You toss that attitude into a much more stable market with a willingness to reward the most progressive and adaptable, things might start to get interesting.

There’s absolutely no reason luck should have anything to do with our success together.

You should know what you can give them and how you’re going to do it.

They should know what they can take from you and how they’re going to do it.

Expecting anything more or less would just be a waste of human time and dignity.

Of course, more is always good, but proper expectations are even better.

It’s those expectations that will prevent the desperation from getting the best of us.

See you out there and enjoy your Sunday.


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