Do you know your sweet spot

“The sweet spot is the intersection of a knowledge or skill area and a passion point.” Joe Pulizzi

Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions.  

  • What do you do best?
  • What do you love to do?
  • What do you know the best?
  • Where are your greatest opportunities?
  • Where is your sweet spot?  

This may come as no surprise, but you have unique talents, abilities, and interests. Your background is unique from anyone else and you have hobbies and experiences that make you different.

I say this, not just to state the obvious, but to highlight the fact that your marketing and sales sweet spot is not and should not be the same as other agents in your community, office, or even those that specialize in the same line of business.

In the 1990’s the Dallas Cowboys were team of the decade in professional football. They went to four Super Bowls and won three of them. As a Chicago Bears fan, I was not impressed nor did I like the Cowboys, but I certainly respected their success. Plus, I had the Chicago Bulls to keep me entertained (can you say six championships)!  

During the great run by the Cowboys, I heard head coach Jimmy Johnson being interviewed about how he analyzes his talent and treats the players.  I figured he would talk about the “Cowboys system” and how they do it one way and every player was treated and judged the same.  

To my surprise, he said the opposite. Yes, he said the Cowboys had a team philosophy, team goals, and worked as a team, but the individuals within the team were treated differently based on their skill-set and past performance. He said that he would challenge Michael Irvin (the team’s fiery star wide-receiver) much differently than he would challenge Emmitt Smith (the team’s soft-spoken star running back.)  This was based on their personality, background, and how he could get the most out of each player.  

At first, this sounded unfair to me. How could he scream and yell at one player, yet put his arm around another after making a mistake? The reason is that Jimmy Johnson found the sweet spot to motivate each player. He knew their strengths, weaknesses, and what made them tick to maximize the players and teams success.  

Sales managers often love to use “one system or method” that is used for every agent.  While I do feel there must be structure and principles in place to prevent chaos, great managers maximize their talent by giving freedom to allow agents to optimize their passion and skills.  

So where is your sweet spot?  Have you found it?  Are you looking for it?  

I believe that the ultimate sweet spot for any insurance agent is comprised of four things. Your passion, a specific knowledge or skill-set, multiple markets or insurance company partners, and the long-term opportunity.

Where to start?

It all starts with passion. Passion is the energy behind everything you do. If you focus on only you what you know and do best, but lack passion, you will soon become disengaged.  

According to Joe Pulizzi, author of Content, Inc., the best way for an individual to find their sweet spot is to brainstorm your knowledge areas and special skills.  

What do you know the best? What do you do the best?  

Make a list on a sheet of paper on what you know the best on one side and your special skills on the other side. You will likely have more knowledge areas than special skills and that’s normal.  

After you make a list of your knowledge and special skills, then analyze your company partners to to see what programs and products they have the compliment your knowledge and skills. Finally, determine the market opportunity. How many prospects fit this sweet spot, who is the competition, and what will be your geographical reach?  

The benefits for understanding your sweet spot are multiple. You will become more effective, efficient, profitable, and happy.  

You also will create a niche for yourself. The definition of niche is a distinct segment of the market. Having a niche will allow you to be known as the expert and leader for a particular demographic or segment.  

As the popular phrase indicates, “The riches are in the niches.”  

The bottom line

Insurance consumers want to work with a somebody, not a anybody. Discovering your sweet spot is the first step in the process.

Don’t gloss over your strengths, passions, partnerships, and opportunities.  

You are not like every other agent so don’t try to act like every other agent. Your sweet spot will attract ideal prospects and develop loyalty with your current clients.

Brent Kelly is the CEO of BizzGrizz Marketing.  He helps insurance agents stand up, stand tall, and stand out in today’s noisy world.   

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