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insurance drone attack

The business of insurance is busy.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to the sales, marketing and automation tactics and strategies drive insurance agency growth.

Welcome to the very first episode of Agency Nation Radio, the insurance pros podcast.

Agency Nation Radio will be a weekly podcast hosted by Ryan Hanley, Head of Marketing for and Marty Agather, Senior VP of Strategy for

Each week, we’ll dive into the topics and trends impacting the independent insurance industry. More importantly we’ll provide ideas and guidance to help your insurance business dominate the marketplace.

Insurance Drones

octocopterThere are few topics in the technology geek world hotter and more fun than drones.

Last week the Insurance Journal reported that Erie Insurance has been approved by the FAA to use drone in their claims and underwriting activities. We believe this type of announcement is precursor to a movement towards advanced claims and underwriting.

It doesn’t help that Marty is also a complete drone nerd. On my first visit to Minneapolis ( headquarters), Marty, Derek Hyde (our VP of Product Development) and I ran into this octocopter drone on our way to dinner.

Click Tracking

There are many click tracking tools that can provide you with insight into how visitors are interacting with your website. We choose SumoMe because its free and incredibly easy to implement.

Click tracking tools allow us to make educated decisions on website design. 

See Case Study: Customer Experience: How Free Tool SumoMe Helps You Create a Better Website

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