Episode 372. Host Landon McCarter with Guest James Whitley of Senior Life Services

Episode 372

Welcome to Agency Nation Radio hosted by Landon McCarter of Secure Agent Marketing. Today we hear from James Whitley from Senior Life Services, operator of one of the most successful call centers in the country with over 200 call seats.

To begin, James discusses the benefits his team found after shifting to VoIP around ten years ago. Initially, most of their focus was around sales, and this new technology allowed them to create spreadsheets using newfound data. He mentions the challenges faced with agents working remotely in light of the pandemic and the various ways talk time was incentivized by the company. At SLS, the standard is 5 hours of talk time per working day and the amount of time spent making calls is prioritized over the number of sales made.

Then, James explains the dial metric, or the log of an agent’s outbound calls. If an agent didn’t reach 5 hours of talk time for the day but made at least 200 outbound calls, it’s obvious they still tried their best. James’s most important role is to encourage and support his employees and hold them accountable. The biggest thing he wants his employees to remember is that clients won’t buy from someone they don’t like, so having a personality that shines through is crucial.

Next, he breaks down the basics of talk time. A sale is really made during the small talk between the caller and client, when a client really feels the agent has an interest in them. The key is to slow down, have a conversation and get to know each other before trying to make a sale. In coaching employees, he realizes the importance of showing them respect and making talk time a cool, collaborative effort.

In closing, they discuss the importance of having a strong worth ethic and always reaching above and beyond your capabilities. Working hard is always worth it and will never be regretted later. Having discipline in your work life translates all around the board.


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