Ever feel like your social media efforts aren’t really paying off – like you’re speaking to an empty room?

It’s time to take a deeper look into Facebook Insights, the native Facebook analytics tools.

Maybe you’re not getting responses to your posts, or your phones aren’t ringing off the hook from people who have found your business on Facebook.  As the old saying goes, “work smarter, not harder,” and that 100% applies to your efforts on Facebook (and any social media outlet).

How do you work smarter when it comes to Facebook postings?

Get familiar with your Facebook Insights.

Don’t know what that is – or what it means? This post is for you.

Facebook Insights

Page Insights: The Basics

Facebook Page Insights are the analytics system built into your company’s Facebook page.  You cannot see Page Insights on your personal page.  Page Insights tracks your fans – or the people who like your page – and tells you a thing or two about their behavior. This includes:

  • When they are online
  • How many of them saw your post
  • How many of them clicked on your post

Facebook Insights are only available once your Facebook page has at least 30 fans.  Once active, Page Insights is visible at the top of your page when you’re logged in as an administrator. You can even export your Insights to a format like .xls or .csv, to present in a report.

What Facebook Insights Teach You

Facebook Insights tell you important things about the performance of both your individual posts and your page as a whole.  In particular, your Facebook Insights will detail the following:

Page Likes: This is the number of fans that have clicked “Like Page” and want to hear from your business. You can see graphs of your likes to date, your likes vs. “unlikes,” and which posts helped you get followers.

Reach:  This is the number of people who have seen your posts and how they responded to them – liking, commenting, or sharing the content, as well as unliking, reporting as spam, or hiding your posts. Page Insights provides all this information to you in easy-to-read graphs, and you can delineate timeframes to track daily, monthly, weekly, or yearly activity.

Visits: The number of people who have looked at your page (not just your posts). Facebook Insights provides you with data on how many people visited what parts of your page, too – from your photo albums to your “About” section. You can also see which websites are referring traffic to your Facebook page.

Posts: This section will give you detailed information on each post you’ve put out on Facebook. It also tells you about when your followers are online, so you can target the timing of your posts to reach the most people.

People: This portion will tell you about the demographics of your fans – where they live, how old they are, and gender information.

All that information can help you make the most of your Facebook page, and maybe even help you pivot to an entirely new target market – but it’s important to know how to wield all this powerful info.

The Takeaway: Information Is Powerful

Facebook Insights is a detail-oriented analytics tool that can help you do market research – for free.  At the click of a mouse, you can learn a bit about what is working and what isn’t, and choose to create more of the same, or adjust to a new target audience.

Information is power in the digital age; social media sites won’t necessarily drive sales and leads if nobody can see them, or worse, if you’re missing your target audience altogether. Careful attention to your social media analytics can help you work smarter – saving time and money in your marketing efforts.

Soon, that nagging feeling of speaking to an empty room will be a thing of the past.

Thank you,

Lindsey Feiner

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