Getting Laser Focused for 2021

This is THE time to set intentions, get focused, and dive deep into the lessons from 2020.

We’re pausing to reflect on this past year…

Have we achieved the level of success we wanted in 2020?

How have the challenges of 2020 impacted growth & hitting goals?

Even in the midst of challenges, how are agency owners positioning themselves to adapt, grow, and hit their targets for 2021?

18+ year insurance industry veteran, John Lucero, joins David Denning to unpack his strategies to get laser-focused in the new year.


Learn From Your Past Behaviors/Results

Your current level of success is the result of past behaviors, what do you need to change now for your future results to change? 

The world isn’t going to dramatically shift in a short time span transitioning into the new year. COVID is still affecting the country and forced shifts and adaptations in the insurance industry. Don’t focus on externalities and what you can’t control as that’s unproductive.

The only thing that can significantly change moving from 2020 to 2021 is YOU.

So how are you going to change your behaviors, marketing efforts, processes, etc. to achieve success in 2020?

Start with “What do I want to be different in 2021?”

Figure out what you want, where you want to go, and what you need to change today to get there. Whether it’s your health, your relationships, your business – what do you want to achieve?

Your goals should reflect all aspects of your life and business. They should also be UNCOMFORTABLE. If your goals aren’t scary and feel a bit out of reach, then they’re not challenging enough and going to push you past what you think is possible.

How Did the Market Change in 2020 & How Did You Adapt?

COVID drastically impacted the insurance industry and forced adaptation for success.

In-person events, networking, sales appointments, and doorknocking almost disappeared overnight, and prospects didn’t feel comfortable putting themselves at risk to meet with an agent.

So there was a giant shift in the insurance industry (for those not already doing so) over to telesales, virtual appointments on Zoom, and applying modern technology and automations to their businesses.

And what were the results?

It worked! Insurance agencies found agents could be just as successful, if not more, running appointments virtually or by telesales rather than face-to-face. Agents worked remotely from home, spent more time with their families, and were more productive removing the obstacles and cost of travel.

They discovered that their prospects were more comfortable with technology than they might have thought and that a large fear of having face-to-face options vanish was actually not an issue at all – in fact, it actually forced them to adapt and push forward in their businesses.

How did you change and adapt in 2020 and what were your results?

How will that change how you approach 2021 and your initiatives in your business?

What Is Your WHY?

Your WHY that will fuel your agency growth among the inevitable challenges you will face in 2021 is absolutely critical.

What’s the driving reason you decided to join the insurance industry and build your business?

This industry can be tough and sometimes unforgiving. It can be easy to focus on the negatives, sales that didn’t close, angry prospects, and the things you can’t control (like COVID).

So what keeps you going? Why are you pushing through the tough times and challenges?

You absolutely have to have a vision and reason that keeps you going that can’t be stopped by the day-to-day trials you will face.

When you do, you realize that you can adapt and push through really anything and that there’s always a solution (although not always easy).

Figure out what drives you and causes you to wake up in the morning. Keeping that focus and continually coming back to that vision will drive your success for 2021.


Invest in yourself and your business this year for exponential growth.

You can only control your actions and the steps you take to hit your goals.

So what are you going to do that’s going to make a critical difference in your business for 2021?

Coaching, mentorship, masterminds, accountability – these are HUGE for avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls that the majority make (which doesn’t have to be a “right of passage”). It’s much better to learn from others’ errors rather than your own.

Find what will push you to your desired results and goals and take the leap to invest in yourself (your best asset) to skyrocket your business in 2021!

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