Glovebox – An Insuretech Moving at Lightspeed

Sean Mulhern is an independent agent and the Co-Founder of GloveBox, an app designed to allow users universal access to all of their insurance documents regardless of carrier. More than just consumers, the app also helps agents and carriers increase client retention, reduce servicing costs, and boost brand visibility. Sean has extensive experience with customized insurance policies and building partnerships with mortgage brokers and real estate agents. He also has experience working with Apple as one of their brand specialists.

Sean joins Spot On Insurance to explain how the GloveBox app works, the problems it seeks to eliminate, and why the insurance industry has yet to see anything like it. He shares where he found his passion for working in insurance and why he left Apple. He shares how the public’s demand for a convenient way to manage their documents paved the way for GloveBox. Sean also describes the agencies they want to work with for the beta testing period.

Listen to this very interesting exchange…you are sure to get some great insight from it!

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