I want to show you a little marketing experiment that I ran on LinkedIn for the second edition of my book that you can use to generate free traffic, views to your profile, connections and leads.

I wanted to share this with you because there’s a couple of advantages that I’ve learned when it comes to pre-seeding or pre-indoctrinating your tribe; and also getting some free promotions and free leads for your insurance products.

DISCLAIMER: I did this for a book promotion, and I realize you may not be promoting a book.

However, you can easily use this ‘Multiple Choice Technique’ to get feedback on anything you’re doing in your marketing, décor or sales activities for your agency.

For example, you can ask:

  • Which new logo they like better
  • What cover of a new white paper or report you’re about to publish
  • Which new office chair you should get
  • Which new Facebook cover you should choose
  • What’s their favorite band

The possibilities are really endless. The goal here is NOT to get a ton of sales, but to get massive ENGAGEMENT.

Just to back up a second, as you may or may not know, I self-published my first book, Shift: 201 Instant-Action Proven Marketing Strategies to Sell More Insurance & Financial Products Now… which became a #1 best seller on Amazon in less than a week. Nice!

Now this is important to know, because although the launch of the book was over, this promotion still CRUSHED it. This means that even if you have an old offer or lead magnet, you can still ‘resurrect it’ using this strategy.

This all came about because in the second edition of my book, I got it picked up by a publisher; and, frankly, I didn’t like the cover that my publisher came up with.

linkedin views

So, I went to a website called 99designs.

And in 99designs, I started a contest for about five hundred dollars to get some people to design the new book cover because I wasn’t too satisfied with the other one and I wanted to see what else was out there. What I love about 99designs is it allows you to have hundreds of different ideas coming in from dozens of different designers instead of working with just one designer that may not be able to get your vision.

99designs graphic design

(By the way, if you don’t have the budget, you can skip this step entirely and use a lower cost option which I’ll outline below.)

So, I narrowed it down to the top designs that I liked.

Then I ran what’s called a poll. And 99designs actually has that as part of its services, where you can have a poll where you ask your audience, “What is your favorite design?”

jeremiah 4

And you can see here I have almost 400 votes for my top book covers. And then what I did is, I took the best performing book covers– the ones that people liked the most– and then I went over to LinkedIn.

I created a simple post– which is really easy to do, you can just do it from your home feed– and I put the top three covers you can see here. I used a simple tool called Snagit to grab the covers.

linkedin post

You can view the live post here so you can see the entire thing (and cast your vote too!).

voting on linkedin

Then I put A, B, and C on top o f them. And I used a very simple call to action. I simply said, “Which cover do you like better… A, B, or C?” And that was it. I posted that six days ago and I really didn’t know what to expect.

This was the first time I tried it.

jeremiah 7

But check this out: I already have 34 likes to it, which isn’t that much; 152 comments, which is pretty cool; but here’s what the coolest thing is, 25,000 views of my post in the feed!

Now that is unbelievable.

Twenty-five thousand people!

linkedin bio in posts

I’ve had my message in front of them – 100% FREE.

Now, one quick thing I did before I posted is, I went here and I changed my headline to be a little bit promotional to drive people to my main website, which is, “Get my bestselling book, SHIFT at TheShiftNation.org.”

I also put my designation as a TED speaker, keynote speaker, and so forth. So, what happened is, when people saw this, they might have gotten curious and said, “Hey, TheShiftNation.org, that’s interesting. Let me go ahead and check that out.” And since I’ve done this six days ago, we’ve even h ad a couple of people order the first edition of the book.

linkedin post views

You could to the same thing by changing your headline to:

“Get free, no hassle quotes at thequotedoctor.com”

“Lower your liability with our instant audit at instantaudit.com”

“Get my free report “Save On Auto Insurance – What Insurance Companies Don’t tell you’ at dontcheatme.com”

Of course, I’m making all these domains up, but you get the idea.

But here’s something I thought was interesting. I wanted to dig a little deeper in the analytics. So I’m going to go ahead and click here on the 25,000.

jeremiah 10

Here’s what LinkedIn tells me: 34 people have liked it, 152 comments, and 1 person has re-shared it. This isn’t too great but I think this is pretty awesome. Remember, I’m in a very specific niche. But here’s what’s really interesting.

It even tells me who’s watched this post. So, I have 82 people who work at The Hartford who’ve actually seen my post. So, I can go back and market to those people at The Hartford and say, “Hey, thanks so much for checking out my book.” if they indeed w ent out to connect with me.

Here’s how the analytics broke down:

  • 51 from Guardian Life
  • 60 from Travelers
  • 49 people from Oracle
  • 2700 salespeople
  • 1,200 CEOs
  • 788 business strategists
  • 663 marketing specialists
  • 505 founders

And it even tells me where most of my audience came from; which has 1,600 from Chicago, then a thousand from Denver, and so on and so forth.

jeremiah 11

And here’s what got me the most excited: Most of them came from my second degree network– which is great. Because in the first degree network, people already know me in the first degree.

Of course, LinkedIn is always about networking and growing your business, so, I was able to get the majority of those views from people who don’t know me. And I’m going to show you how many people have tried to connect with me as a result of that.

jeremiah 12

If I go into the Show More, I can even dig a little deeper into the people who viewed my profile. Now, one think that would be cool, if LinkedIn allowed you to do, would be to click on these people to see exactly who they were, but it doesn’t do it here. It does allow you to do it in a different section.

But I thought that was really insightful to look at those analytics.

jeremiah 13

Now, let’s go over to my network. And I want to show you something else that happened as a result of this. I currently have over 373 pending invitations to connect with me which I’ve accumulated.

Some started a little bit before I did this post six days ago, but a lot of th em have come in just as a result of me putting that post.

jeremiah 14

So I can see here that a lot of these people are quite interesting. I have an SVP of Marketing. I have a speaker. If I just click on Manage All, I can get a little more data on them. I can ignore or accept.

There are people here who are ideal target audiences. Anybody that’s an advisor or an insurance agent would be great prospects. So I can have my virtual assistant go in and hit Accept and say, “Hey, thanks so much for connecting with me. I thought I’d share with you a link to get my report, quote, etc. for free.”

Now, if you want to take this even a step further, there’s another little insight that I’ll share with you which is available under a Sales Navigator.

jeremiah 15

Now, under Sales Navigator, I can go to the people who have viewed my profile in the last seven days, which really corresponds to the time when I launched it.

So I’ve had 233 people who have actually looked at my profile.

jeremiah 16

And what I can do is either save these people as a lead or I can reach out and directly connect. So if you’re doing this in your industry, you could reach back out to those people. Let’s say they didn’t agree to connect with you, but you could say,

“Hey, Vicky, thanks so much for checking out my profile. You’ve got a really impressive profile as well. I’d love to connect with you.”

Something very simple to reach back out to people to buil d that exclusive network.

If you don’t have Sales Navigator, in the main LinkedIn section, you could also click right under your feed, which is “Who’s viewed your profile”.

jeremiah 17

And I like how it’s even broken down. So if you have key accounts, for example, at certain companies. I can see here I’ve had 1,400 views in 90 days and it’s gone up 13% since the last week. And that’s definitely because of my post. So I’ve had a 13% lift in people looking at me and I got that for free.

In here, I can just connect with the people who I’ve not already connected to.

jeremiah 18

Let me show you one last thing that you could do when you do this process. Under the Sales Navigator tab, I can go ahead to look at my Social Selling Index which shows up right here.

jeremiah 19

And you can see here that already, just from a bird’s eye view, I’ve got a 6% increase in the last week, which is awesome. This is tough for somebody that has a large network like myself.

Because at 15,000 people, you’ve got to get a significant number of upticks in order to get an increase.

jeremiah 20

That’s like when you build a multi-million dollar business, you might get 10%, 20%, 100% growth in the first couple of years but once you start hitting 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 million, it’s hard to get double-digit increases.

jeremiah 21

But here’s what happened: According to my social index, notice how I’ve been humming along with not really much change for about a month; but look in the last seven days what’s happened. I’ve had a 6% uptick i n my Social Index!

I’m in the top 4% of the people in my network, and I rank number 1 out of 1, related to people that are within the same super-tight niche that I’m in. And all of that is because of that simple post!

Now, how can you use this to your advantage? Now you may not be writing a bestselling book but you don’t have to.

Maybe you don’t have a book in the works but maybe you have a white paper or a special report or a lead magnet.

And you can get a simple lead magnet done on fiverr.com where you could pay somebody five bucks and come up with… pay them five bucks three times and you’ll have three different lead magnet covers, right?

And you could simply do the same thing. Post this to your network, “Which cover do you like better… A, B, or C?” And then you have the three different versions and you’re pre-seeding your list for the lead magnet.

Now, again, I don’t recommend you put any call to action here because people will sm ell something self-promotional, but you can put it here.

“Get my free guide on how to protect your assets.”

“Get my free guide on how to save money on insurance.”

Last little thing I want to show you is the type of comments that I’ve been getting. So I’m going to open this up a little bit. Do you see where people are voting on? C, B– looks like B is really the clear winner here.

People are even chiming in, “Love the book though, I have m y copy!” “Without a doubt.” But when you go a little bit earlier, some people left some really interesting comments.

For example,

jeremiah 24

“The B cover is the best. It evokes curiosity, I WANT MORE.”

I just replied, “Thanks!” And what that does is it sends that right back up to the top.

jeremiah 25

Victor took a little more time, “The visual with the phone plays off the title of the book very well… …Maybe remove the hand and the lapels/tie and maybe just the phone in a suit pocket to sway away from gender distinction will help overall.”

jeremiah 26

So, when somebody takes time to write a thoughtful comment, I always like to reply that as well and say… and then you tag the person by using the @ symbol. So, “Thanks for that insight.”

I tagged him. I’m going to hit reply and what that does is it tags him so he’s going to be alerted that I’ve said something about him.

And if you ever followed any studies on social selling, you know that when you mention somebody, there’s a huge potential for them to click back just to see what people are saying about you—“Is it good? Is it bad?”

And if Victor was a prospect of mine, this is a fantastic way to engage with Victor.

Okay, so I hope that helps you out.

3 Simple Steps to Increase LinkedIn Post Views

Step 1: If you have a lead magnet that you want to get some free publicity for, go ahead and get three different covers made. You can do that on fiverr.com for about $15.

Step 2: Create a post on LinkedIn.

All you have to do is go to your LinkedIn homepage and you just share it right here. You just upload your image, write a little copy, hit post, and you’re done.

Step 3: Keep monitoring it and thank people every day as they contribute and you’ll have a source of free leads, free new inbound connections, and a fantastic way to boost your social selling index and your authority as an expert in your field.

See you on LinkedIn!

Jeremiah D. Desmarais

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