How Agency Nation Pivoted to Conduct Elevate Conference 2020 Online

In-person to virtual in 45 days

As the pandemic spread, Chip Bacciocco was faced with the difficult situation of determining what would happen to the Elevate 2020 conference. Hear how Agency Nation pivoted from an in-person conference to an online conference.

The first question was how to translate the energy of an in-person kick-off to an online event. Being aware of what would and wouldn’t work was important and resulted in a big win right out of the gate.

The keynote speaker did a fantastic job of shifting a stage presentation to a much-different online presentation by adding key visual elements that kept attendees highly engaged.

Chip also talked about the challenges with sponsor participation and how they made sure they could connect sponsors with attendees and keep their sponsors happy.

There were also many technical challenges to overcome including making sure everyone could login to the conference.

One big takeaway is how the quality of content was important because the attendees wanted to learn.

From the initial decision to the end of the conference, you’ll be amazed at how Agency Nation made Elevate 2020 a huge success.

You can get the Elevate Conference 2020 recordings and see the keynote that agents can’t stop talking about at

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