How and Why to Include Team Member Bios on Your Insurance Agency Website

Personal Branding

Clients and prospects want to get to know you and your team, which is why team pages and team member bios are vitally important to your insurance agency’s website. Visitors to your site can feel a stronger connection to those they’ll be working with after putting “a face to the name,” and establishing that rapport early on could help solidify your relationship with them.

Write Outstanding Bios with These 3 Tips

People often hesitate while writing bios because they don’t know what to say or even how to say it. But writing bios doesn’t have to be a daunting task, especially when you follow these three tips.

  • Keep it short and sweet! A few paragraphs are all you need to give clients and prospects a glimpse at who you are. Avoid being too wordy or you may lose a reader’s interest.
  • Write in the first person. Traditional bios tend to be written in the third person (he/she/they). By using first person (I/me), you can get more personal and creative. It’s also an excellent way to put your own voice into your bio rather than coming off as stiff and formal.
  • Use an easy-to-follow format. If all team members follow a similar format that works well for most people, bios will maintain some consistency while highlighting each team member’s personality.

Use a 3 Component Structure

Clients love to see the human side of their insurance agency and build a connection with their agents and account managers. A creative bio can foster that bond while still highlighting education and experience. The first paragraph should offer an introduction that features your role in the agency, how long you’ve been there, and what your main focus is.

The second paragraph can provide background information such as formal education, professional designations, and previous work experience, as well as listing accomplishments, honors, and awards.

The final paragraph can highlight outside interests, hobbies, or other personal information the team member is comfortable sharing.

Include an Anchor Question for Added Interest

If you want to kick things up a notch, try asking all team members to answer the same question. This could be anything from a favorite meal or ice cream flavor to a favorite movie or book. If you have a larger team, consider having everyone offer a surprising thing about their role or a fun fact people wouldn’t guess about them. Be sure to make the question inclusive and easy for everyone to answer.

Have Fun with Your Bios

Your team member bios provide a window into your agency and allow team members to show a little more of themselves outside of insurance. Breaking them down into a few common elements is the key to simplifying this important component of your insurance agency website.

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