How do insurance consumers find the Trusted Choice website?

This is by far the most frequently asked question we receive about TrustedChoice.com. In an effort to build upon our philosophy of complete transparency in how TrustedChoice.com works, we’ve created a detailed resource explaining the nine primary methods by which personal and commercial insurance consumers find TrustedChoice.com.

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The video below contains a more detailed explanation of how insurance consumers find the Trusted Choice website:

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Video Transcript:

Hello, Ryan Hanley here and today we are going to answer a question that I know is on your mind. How do insurance consumers find TrustedChoice.com?

Today we’re going to answer one of the most common questions that we get, and that’s about TrustedChoice.com and more specifically, where does traffic come from. So, most independent insurance agents, they come to this page when they’re learning about TrustedChoice.com and what an advantage subscription can do for their agency. And they look at this page and their very first question they have for us is, “How do insurance consumers find the Trusted Choice website?”

It’s a very legitimate question and in our effort to be more transparent and more upfront about everything that goes on here, we want you to be aware of all the ways that we drive traffic to this site. Now, not just this page. Anyone who has followed my work understands that not every visitor to your website, or your agency’s website, or a trusted website like TrustedChoice.com comes in through the home page. Actually, the vast majority of traffic does not come in through the home page, it comes in through over 12,000 other pages that we have on our site dedicated to answering insurance consumer questions.

So, that will take us to our very first way that TrustedChoice.com gets traffic and that is through search. I’m going to pull up a search result right here. I typed in, “How much does renter’s insurance cost?” and as you scroll down, you see the very first organic search result. “How much does renter’s insurance cost?” is a TrustedChoice.com page. So, a consumer clicks on that page, that page takes them to this TrustedChoice.com article and they can read this article, its got a nice graphic, there’s lots of great information.

Most insurance customers are not going to scroll all the way down this page. What they’ve come here to do is make one simple thing. Does this company look professional? I get it. Independent insurance agents, I get the freedom to choose; makes sense. I want to get a quote or down here at the bottom we have “Find an Agent.” So that’s one way that people find TrustedChoice.com.

The other is through our social media activity. So as you can see here, Facebook. The Trusted Choice Facebook page, has almost 61,000 likes on it and every day the Trusted Choice team is sending out articles to build brand value around Trusted Choice and what it is and the power of independent insurance agents, as well as share links back to TrustedChoice.com that consumers can find and use to make their own buying decision and, ultimately, find a page that looks like this for whatever topic they’re interested in and click to get a quote or find an agent and start the lead generation process. So social media is another one.

Another thing that Trusted Choice does in conjunction with the Big I and a lot of state associations as well are different video ads. Now, some of these things come through, go on TV, some of them are just YouTube videos, some of them are videos created by actual agencies. So as you scroll through, here’s one that I created with my brother-in-law a few years ago for The Murray Group, the agency that I used to work for. But you can see, here’s our national television commercial that was created by Trusted Choice. Here’s another version on a different agency. Now what happens is, over time consumers being exposed to all these various touches and mentions and references of Trusted Choice the brand and Trusted Choice the idea, gets them to check out TrustedChoice.com.

But there are a lot of other ways that we’re getting people driven to TrustedChoice.com as well, and that’s through pay-per-click ads. So when you go and do a search, sometimes you see these top results and all these results on the right are actually paid-for results. Now, none of these that you see here are TrustedChoice pay-per-click ads, but for certain targeted keywords, for types of policies, and areas that we know; we have agents and a large group of advantage subscription agents; or certain policies that we know, agents are converting on very well, we will do pay-per-click campaigns to drive more consumers to TrustedChoice.com and ultimately generate more leads. We also have, as I’ve mentioned before, the national television commercials that are building brand value for Trusted Choice.

I was just in Illinois at the Illinois State Convention and they had two really gorgeous spreads in both the Chicago Bears Preview issue of USA Today and the regular edition of USA Today, just letting local consumers know what Trusted Choice is and the agencies that represent Trusted Choice and believe in the pledge of performance are agencies that they can trust. And ultimately, that drives those consumers to TrustedChoice.com. There are also links from all the state associations, from agencies, from other partners we have, and all these different links help build up the authority of the Trusted Choice website so it continues to rank higher and higher for more and more pages.

The true million-dollar question in all of this is, “Are these things working?” Are we driving traffic to TrustedChoice.com? And the answer is absolutely, yes. The work of Trusted Choice on the brand side, the Big I, the state associations, agencies just like yourself, and the TrustedChoice.com team, which formerly was known as Project CAP, all working together helping drive the message of Trusted Choice. What it means to be an independent insurance agent and ultimately, the use and functionality of the TrustedChoice.com portal as a way for connecting insurance consumers with the type of independent insurance agent that will work best for them. Allowing them to choose all these things that work together to drive a massive amount of traffic, as you can see on the graphic that’s on the screen right now, which is generating more and more leads for agencies every single month.

As you’ve seen, there isn’t just one way that insurance consumers find TrustedChoice.com. There are many different ways and not every path to TrustedChoice.com is direct. Only a portion of consumers will have a linear path to an independent insurance agent and ultimately buying a policy. Some will hit TrustedChoice.com, read a few articles, go away for a couple of months. Then maybe come back, read a few more articles, find us again, maybe see a TV commercial, see a Facebook post, hear you talk about it, hear one of your competitors talk about TrustedChoice.com, hear your state association talk about TrustedChoice.com, hear many of our partner organizations inside the insurance industry talk about TrustedChoice.com. Maybe they see an article in the media or their favorite magazine talk about TrustedChoice.com and ultimately, they find their way back to the site and then they find you.

So when you’re thinking about TrustedChoice.com, don’t think of it in a linear path: something happens, they hit TrustedChoice.com, they fill out a form to be contacted by you. In most cases, it will be a mash-up of many different places that ultimately lead them to realizing that an independent insurance agency is the answer for their insurance need and then they’ll find TrustedChoice.com. And ultimately, if you’re the best fit agency and an advanced subscriber, there’s a very good chance they’ll find you.

Have more questions about TrustedChoice.com? Agency Nation is the place to go whether you’re here now or watching this video someplace else. Visit Agency Nation and poke around. That is our platform to distribute information and education to you, to help you optimize your TrustedChoice.com profile, how to capture more leads, and how to do this yourself. So its not just all about the lead generation platform, there are many, many resources and how you can do these things on your own platform. Because the ultimate success equation involves you both working on your own platform and using a lead generation platform like TrustedChoice.com so that you can maximize the number of leads to your agency and help your business grow.

My name is Ryan Hanley. I am Digital Marketing Lead here at TrustedChoice.com and Agency Nation, and I look forward to seeing you next time.

Video Recap

Insurance consumers find the Trusted Choice website through many different paths, often visiting multiple times before deciding to “Get a Quote” or “Find an Agent.”

At TrustedChoice.com, we have an entire team working to drive more insurance consumers to the Trusted Choice website every single day. That’s not counting the amazing work being done by the National Big “I”, the Trusted Choice brand, State Associations and great agents like yourself.

This is a true team effort, with the ultimate result of incredible month over month growth, yielding more leads for our Trusted Choice agents.

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Thank you and good luck,

Ryan Hanley

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