How Do Video/Social Media Work for Insurance Marketing? (Part 2), the online portal springing out of independent agency Technology Insurance Associates LLC in Manalapan, New Jersey, was formed in 2005. From that early start in providing online insurance experiences, the website’s leaders are taking fresh steps to reach out to prospects and customers via video and social media.

The agency’s active on its YouTube channel and regularly uses posts including video on LinkedInFacebookTwitter and Instagram as a way to engage on those digital channels as well as its InsureYourCompany and InsureYourHome websites. Its Virtual Water Cooler Instagram Live show every Wednesday is its most recent new insurance content.

In part two, Jaime Chaifetz, video content producer,, provides more insight for insurance marketers. (Part one includes three initial insights and experiences from this company.)






Jaime Chaietz

  1. What are a couple initiatives that have worked well for

We have a few series that have worked well for our agency. Our Small Business Spotlight series has been a great way to connect with small businesses in the area and build our brand. We interview local businesses — which have included a sustainable soap company, a law firm, a dentist, a bakery that was featured on The Food Network, a chiropractor, food bank and a hair salon.

It is through these interviews that we learn about these business owners, what they do, and how insurance plays a role in building their success. It’s a great way to connect with locally owned businesses and show that we care about the community.

Another one of our initiatives is the Virtual Water Cooler. We started this Instagram Live series amidst the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 because we wanted to keep our followers engaged while informing them of pertinent information.






Dan Levenson

We started out interviewing employees — who discussed COVID-19-related topics — including our CEO, in-house counsel, director of personal lines, marketing director Dan Levenson (shout out to the boss!), and director of benefits.
We are also going to use this platform to check up on some of our spotlight businesses to see how they are doing and if they have tips to help other businesses facing adversity.

  1. How do you rank social networks for their effectiveness for insurance marketing (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)?

Each social network has a different way of presenting information. Therefore, the consumer takes each one in differently.

I’d say Facebook has been the most tried and true social platform, especially for family and friends of the agency to interact with. LinkedIn is great for all things professional. Twitter is our biggest following, in terms of numbers, so that has been helpful. And Instagram is just a great way to stay connected and fresh online.

  1. What’s one big takeaway from insurance marketing that you tell your non-insurance friends about?

Insurance marketing is just as important as marketing in any other industry. In fact, being an agent is such a widely misunderstood business that it could be more helpful than some people think.

Most people don’t understand the difference between an insurance agency like and a larger carrier like Geico or Philadelphia Insurance Companies. They don’t understand that working with an agent can potentially save a business a lot of money all while helping them understand their policies better.

  1. What one piece of advice would you give your peer insurance marketers?

Stay authentic to your audience and keep pushing the envelope. Don’t be afraid to try new things and freshen up your marketing strategies. Keep connecting with your followers, even if there aren’t that many, and tell them what makes your agency unique.

You may start out with a small following, but that drive to be current can give surprising benefits in the long run.


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