Let’s hope not very, but some of your clients might have a different opinion.

Yesterday it was work, basketball for my son, then a trip to my parents for some pre Christmas festivities. Today it’s more work, probably a trip to the grocery store and that’s it.

I usually don’t like to double dip on any of the topics discussed throughout the week here at Agency Nation, however I’m going to break that rule this week.

I’m not sure if I’m breaking it more or less by doing this, but I’m going to double dip on two topics from this week.

The first comes from Sydne Roe’s episode of “Front Roe” this week where she hit the mean streets of New York City to ask people about their insurance agent.

It wasn’t pretty.

Now, I know most of you lingering around the Agency Nation community more than likely haven’t fallen victim to this forgetability epidemic that infects a good chunk of our industry.

But, what Sydney painfully discovered was that people knew which insurance company they were with, no problem.

However, even under hostile interrogation, would be hard pressed to remember the first and last name of their insurance agent.

First, of course Sydney didn’t perform any hostile interrogations, I don’t think anyway…

Second, you’re probably asking yourself, “why is this my problem?” I’m perfectly memorable.

Of course you are.


Someone said something about you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

If the perception of a large number of consumers is how forgettable we are, that’s a problem.

It’s a problem because those people then pass that perception on to their network of friends and acquaintances.

Just like when one independent agent doesn’t call a person back or screws up a quote, every independent agent doesn’t call people back and screws up quotes.

There’s rarely a distinction.

Not good.

Part of the reason we’ve allowed ourselves to become so forgettable is our obsession with an outdated version of professionalism.

Again, this observation is taken from a podcast Sydney and I did this week diving into the dreaded “P” word.

We’re not giving them anything to remember by 2018 standards.

People have the ability to see so much more of who you are today and there’s a pretty good chance you’re refusing to give it to them.

What’s left is a stuffy professional who doesn’t do their job right and disappears after the first commission check shows up.


Being professional has nothing to do with wearing a shirt and tie or if you remembered to shave this morning.

Instead, it’s has everything to do with saying the right thing with the right temperament under the most extreme circumstances.

It’s how you conduct yourself when you’re at your worst.

And if you’re able to show yourself when it matters most to them.

That’s a memorable insurance professional.

See you out there and enjoy your Sunday.


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