How Facebook Ads Supercharge your Marketing Strategy

This Sprint will show you how Facebook Advertising can fit into your broader marketing strategy. We'll cover how The Marketing Funnel works and how to properly setup your Business Manager.
40 min

1) A Walk-Through of the Marketing Funnel

Understanding how The Marketing Funnel works is crucial to any effective marketing campaign.

Without this foundation, it will be incredibly difficult to identify and fix issues that come up.

So, first, what is this “marketing” thing you speak of?

Marketing = positioning your brand in the right places at the right times with the right information.

Marketing requires you to know your buyer.

Get in their head.

Feel what they feel.

Think what they think.

Do what they do.

Ok, maybe not literally, but you get my point.

If you don’t understand your buyer, how can you position yourself at just the right times in their life with just the right information to convince them to do business with you?

You can’t.

So, don’t underestimate the value of understanding them.

Also notice I used the plural in my above definition of “marketing.”



That was intentional.

Many business people who crossover into digital marketing from traditional prospecting…for some odd reason….treat the internet as a billboard.

“Hey, if I put up this one piece of content, I’ll get a phone call from the exact person I wanted to talk to.”

I wish money grew on trees!

Offline, online, it doesn’t matter – humans work the same way.

We are looking for certain fears to be alleviated, we are looking for The Best, we are looking for an expert others trust, we are looking for a product that really works…the list goes on.

The Marketing Funnel helps you identify what stage your prospects are in.

That way you can send them the right information.

COLD = This is the top of the funnel filled with people who don’t know who you are. Your goal here is to get their attention, jar them, surprise them and most importantly, identify a problem they need help solving!

Question to ask yourself: What is your target consumers pain-point/problem?

WARM = This is the middle of the funnel filled with people who know who you are, but aren’t yet convinced they should do business with you. Your goal here is to keep their attention long enough to build trust.

Questions to ask yourself: How does your product solve your target consumer’s pain-point/problem? What’s your business’ story? Who else have you helped and, most importantly, what was their experience (this is both a showcase of past “success” and social proofing)?

HOT = This is the bottom of the funnel filled with people who know who you are and are interested in doing business with you. Your goal here is to turn attention into action. Give them something easy they can do to get the real conversation started

Questions to ask yourself: What’s your offer? (It could be fill out a Get A Quote form and get a quote in X amount of time; it could be schedule a call; etc.)

You don’t need to be a Marketing Funnel expert today.

The big takeaway here is that capturing online attention and leads takes more than 1 piece of content.

It takes a thoughtful and intentional campaign built out around the needs, fears and desires of your consumer.

More to come on that later.

First, let’s get your Facebook Ads Business Manager setup….

2) The Right Way to Setup Your Business Manager

There isn’t a “wrong” way to setup your Facebook Ads dashboard.

But there is certainly a less advantageous way.

The most important part of this process is tying your Facebook assets (Ad Account and Business Page) to a Business Account.

Instead of having them tied to a personal profile.

This helps ensure any team personnel changes don’t negatively impact your FB Ads assets.

As you’ll come to find in later sprints, your Ad Account will hold quite a bit of valuable data.

Set yourself up for future success by taking these setup precautions now.

Step One: Go to www.business.facebook.com and Create An Account (takes 5 min)

Step Two: If you don’t have a Business Page yet, create one now and claim it under your new Business Manager account. If you do have one, just claim it.

Step Three: If you don’t have an Ad Account, create one now and claim it under your new Business Manager account. If you do have one, just claim it.

Bam! Done.

A Step-by-Step of the Business Manager Setup

Watch below for a step-by-step of the Business Manager setup.

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