How New LinkedIn Features Can Help Build Your Brand


LinkedIn rolled out several new features in the last few months designed to help members boost their profile visibility and brand awareness. Two of these new features, the cover story video introduction and creator mode, are dynamic tools members can use to build thought leadership, gain followers, and enhance their personal or business brand. 

LinkedIn has steadily evolved from its original purpose as a job seekers’ resource into a professional networking and social site. Savvy LinkedIn members use their profiles to reach new business prospects, find new clients, and build their personal and business brands. These new tools will allow members to create a memorable brand message that can help them stand out from their competition.

Story video

Video is a proven, powerful medium, and the new cover story feature allows you to add a “30-second commercial” video to your profile to showcase your services or provide details about your expertise. If you record a cover story video, an orange ring will automatically appear around your profile photo, to notify your connections that you have a video to view. If you open your LinkedIn profile on your mobile device, you’ll notice a red plus sign will appear, prompting you to record a new cover story video. You’ll still continue to have the option of keeping a profile photo or switching from video to profile photo. 

Creator mode

Meanwhile, creator mode is a new setting on LinkedIn that will put more attention on the content pieces you create and share instead of focusing on activity such as “likes” or comments. Switching on creator mode will make some immediate changes to your profile. First, LinkedIn will display the number of followers you have, along with your connections, at the top of your profile. You will also be able to display five hashtags/topics to show your community what you frequently discuss or share — for example, #insuretech or #cyberliabilty.

If you’re planning to establish yourself as a thought leader or influencer, LinkedIn can help showcase your original articles or videos to expand your reach. You can also share links to articles, podcasts, or videos you’ve published or created outside of LinkedIn, or drive followers to your business or brand’s website. You can share articles, industry insights, or news items you would like to highlight. You can easily switch creator mode on or off, and you won’t lose anything you’ve posted. 

Both the cover story video and creator mode are opportunities to use LinkedIn’s extensive professional network to help educate and inform your connections and followers. Why not expand your reach as a thought leader in your niche or field?

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