How Servicing Your Community Strengthens Your Book

Does your agency’s customer service directly correlate with the core values of your business? What does good service mean to you? Is helping your clients the foundation of your platform? These are three questions to ask yourself when measuring your commitment to servicing your community.

Servicing your community is much more important than the next sale. It not only helps you to become a better human being, but it also helps others to become better as well. Whether you service your community by helping your neighbors, mentoring a child or building a home for someone in need, the goal is to improve the lives of others.

In my community, the local Kiwanis club reads to second-grade students across the county and our agency provides books for each student to take home and read, the local Shrine club raises money, hosts parades and fundraisers to help provide medical care for children, the local Humane Society strives to give our fur babies their “fur-ever” home, and Friends of the Library raises money to help support various projects, as well as the overall library system.

Working with organizations like these allows me to engage in my passion: Giving back. Each of us lives stressful lives. But the reward of giving back is more valuable than you might imagine. For me, the emotional experience from helping my community is what motivates me to serve. As a city councilman, I continue to serve and support my community as we recover from two disastrous hurricanes in the last three years.

Helping others can give you a greater sense of your purpose. Moreover, seeing others smile because of the small amount of time you spent helping them provides emotional satisfaction when your stress level is high. Instead of using the slogan ‘Always Selling,’ I challenge you to use the slogan ‘Always Helping.’

Building rapport within the community is key to building trust and is a great way to start a meaningful conversation about insurance. Key executives and decision-makers often sit on civic and nonprofit boards. So, as you begin to show your community your willingness to serve them, they will begin to trust you and want to do business with you.

A good analogy here is the relationship between the offensive tackle and the quarterback on the football field. If the quarterback trusts that the tackle will not allow an opposing defender to blindside him, it creates a strong bond.

So, how can you get involved? It’s easy to get involved by donating your money, which, don’t get me wrong, is a key component of supporting your community. But boots on the ground are much more invaluable. It also shows that you’re willing to give a helping hand when it’s needed most. Every philanthropic organization has some sort of opportunity to volunteer. It’s just crucial to find your passion and be fully committed.

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