How to Build a FB Audience with the Pixel

This sprint will show you how to build an audience of interested prospects with The Facebook Pixel, as well as showing you how to install it.
60 min

Included in this training:

How the Facebook Pixel Works

In a nutshell, The Facebook Pixel allows you to build an audience of interested prospects.

In collaboration with your SEO work, you have the technology at your fingertips to be unstoppable (aka, always top-of-mind).

Before we dive into installing The Facebook Pixel though, let’s make sure we’re on the same page with how this thing actually works.

There are 3 key functionalities you need to be aware of.

First, it’s a piece of code.

That is its physical form.

It’s essentially an API that connects your website to your Facebook Ad Account.

That means it’s passing data back and forth.

But “API” can be deceiving – because having an API doesn’t always mean ALL the data you want or need is being passed back and forth.

That leads us into our second point.

Second, it collects A LOT of data.

Now, it doesn’t collect this data from your website.

Most of the data (like 85%) resides in Facebook. Facebook collects it because you give it away freely to them every day, every time you log on and engage with their platform.

The way this API works is by tying an anonymous website visit to a Facebook profile.

See – we’re always logged into Facebook. Think about it. We never log off. We only exit out of the Facebook app or browser.

So, The Facebook Pixel looks for that ever-present FB cookie on your browser and recognizes you when you’re visiting that site.

Now, some of you may be shaking your head thinking: “Whoa! So, furryboots.com can see that Syd Roe visited 20 times in the last 2 days?! CREEPY!”

Not quite.

(And yes, this is why the whole country was in an uproar about Facebook privacy in 2018.)

Facebook does NOT let furryboots.com know that Syd Roe visited. That would correctly be a privacy concern.

But they do let furryboots.com know that a 29 year old female who lives in Minneapolis, MN and likes these 15 pages and works in insurance and has a dog and….and, well, you get the point.

You, as a business owner with The Facebook Pixel, get to see demographic and behavioral information, but not personal information (name, contact info, address).

Personal information is only given out BY THE PERSON!

Because of your…you guessed it….ads.

But all that demographic and behavioral information allows you to get to know your audience enough that you can show them the content they want, when they want it.

And remember – Facebook is a business. They are profitable when their consumers are happy.

You showing their consumers irrelevant ads (aka ads they don’t want to see) makes their consumers unhappy.

So, they’re going to help you out – give you some data – so that you can do a better job showing your consumers (and their consumers) what they want to see.

And everyone is happy.

Last but not least – functionality #3….

Third, The Facebook Pixel learns.

I hate throwing out the hot button word “AI.”

Because “AI” actually has a very specific, technical definition and I’m not sure this meets it.

(And because too many people are throwing it around to look cooler.)

But I also know that people immediately think “self-improving technology” when they hear “AI.”

And that’s basically what this is.

Here’s how it works.

Every time you setup an Ad, you have a specific goal in mind for that ad.

It could be that you want your ad to reach as many people in a certain zip code, x number of times.

It could be that you want your video ad to be viewed as many times as possible.

It could be that you want as many likes as you can get or comments or shares.

It could be that you want as many conversions as possible.

Whatever “it” is, you setup that ad wanting people on the other side of the screen to do something.

And when you run your ad, some people will do the thing you want them to do. Some people won’t.

Now, obviously, we want more of the people who do ‘the thing’ than less.

And guess what – Facebook wants that too.

Remember again – Facebook is a business.

When you succeed, they succeed. They don’t just want your ad money. They want you to help them create an incredible experience for their consumers.

When you run an irrelevant ad and create a bad experience, that consumer or consumers don’t just dislike you, they dislike Facebook.

So, Facebook has to – in a way – “police” bad ads.

The Facebook Pixel helps them do this.

Essentially, it watches all the people who see your ad and actually do “the thing” you want them to do.

It starts to see trends with those people – how many times they saw your other ads, how many times they visited your website, where they live, who they are, what they like, etc etc etc.

And it starts to show your ad to more people who fit THAT profile – the profile of someone who is more likely to do “the thing” you want them to do.


Hallelujah, Facebook!

Long story short, Facebook is in your corner.

They want to help you succeed.

And the boost they give you with their pixel will help you be unstoppable!

How to Install the Pixel

Setting up The Facebook Pixel takes less than 5 min.

There are 3 ways to do it.

1) Copy the install instructions and the code and send to your web developer.

2) Copy the code and follow the instructions yourself.

3) IF you have a wordpress site, install the Pixel Caffeine plugin and connect to your new Pixel.

Boom, done. 

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