How to Build Real Connections Through Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that insurance agencies can use to communicate with their customers and reach wider audiences.

In the new research report from Liberty Mutual and Safeco’s Agent for the Future, 28 percent of millennials said social media engagement impacted their decision to choose one agent over another.

Dani Kimble, Chief Marketing Officer at O’Neill Insurance, says social media can not only help agents broadcast messages to their followers; it can also be a platform for building authentic relationships.

Kimble shared some of her tips for creating personal connections through digital engagement:

Avoid sales talk

While targeted social media advertising can help reach new customers, generally, Kimble says, sales is not a good organic strategy for social media.

“Millennials, especially, desire authenticity,” she says. “They’re put off when you’re only posting content that is trying to sell them something.”

Show off your behind-the-scenes office culture

One way to give your audience the authenticity they desire is by posting about things that are going on in your office.

“I’ve found that unplanned, in-the-moment content gets the most engagement,” Kimble says. “For example, instead of scheduling a generic post for National Donut Day, I might film the O’Neill team walking to the local bakery for donuts. If someone brings their pet into the office, I put it on our agency’s Instagram story.”

This may be less efficient than scheduling posts, but it can make your agency feel more relatable.

Use social media to follow up on connections

Make a new connection at a community event? Use social media to follow up.

For example, Kimble says, if someone stops by the O’Neill table and takes a picture at their photo booth, she’ll send them a direct message (DM) video on Instagram to thank them for stopping by. This gives them a personal connection with the agency.

“Plus, this approach can be more effective than other channels,” she says. “I have a 93 percent seen rate on DM’s that I send, and an 89 percent response rate.”

Building trust through social media engagement requires creativity, Kimble says.

“How can you best tell your agency’s story and invite people in your community to be part of that story?”

Learn more about how to engage millennial customers online in the new Agent for the Future™ research report.

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