How to Build Your Own Video Studio on a Budget

by | Sep 22, 2015

How to Build Your Own Video Studio on a Budget

Video is the best way to build a connection with clients and prospects online.


But getting started with video marketing can feel a bit intimidating. That’s why we created the video below, to better explain the tools and equipment you’ll want in order to create quality video marketing.

Watch this video to get started:

Want to create high-quality video, but don’t have a Hollywood budget?

No problem.

The video above outlined what you need to create a professional quality video studio in your business when the budget is tight.

The truth is, to create high-quality video marketing, you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Below you’ll find a sample of tools and equipment that we recommend you consider when building out your video studio. You do not need to use everything listed below to be successful.

How to Build Your Own Video Studio on a Budget

Before purchasing any equipment, be sure to map the area you’d like to use video production.

The equipment you purchase needs to fit the space and type of video you’d like to create.

Studio Video

Before we go any further, let’s first define what we mean by “Studio.” This doesn’t mean you have rope off a special room just to produce video. You do however, need to have a space that is wide enough and tall enough to get an unencumbered show.

In many cases you’ll want to leave your video studio gear set up after you’re done shooting.

This can be a bookshelf, desk, or office which you believe delivers a positive impression of your agency.

Video done in a studio should have a polished, yet natural feel.

This is going to take practice. Your audience is going to expect crisp video and clear audio from video taken in a studio.

Mobile Video

Not every video needs to be created in your studio/office.

There any many instances where extremely valuable video can be created outside the studio:

  • Interviews at client locations
  • Testimonials (where ever you can get them)
  • On location from community events

These are just the first three that came to my head. When creating mobile video, you’re not going to be able to bring all your studio production gear with you. The set-up should be easy to carry, set-up and breakdown when you’re done shooting.

The audience will cut you some slack on the quality of mobile video production in exchange for interesting and timely content. This doesn’t mean you video quality should be terrible…

Video Studio Equipment

Here is a list of the products listed in the video and few more you can consider in creating your video marketing production kit:


iPhone/Android (Free)

Most people these days have an HD camera on our cell phone. If your budget is tight start your video production with your iPhone. Once you get good at sound, lighting and content creation you can upgrade.

Canon SL1 ($499):

The Canon SL1 provides high-quality images and video at a relatively low point. It’s also very easy to use. This is a natural first upgrade from your iPhone. I’d also recommend a 64GB memory card for longer video capture:


Rode Shotgun Mic ($199):

The Rode Shotgun Mic and Boom Stand allows you to produce clear, crisp audio as an individual or multiple people (as long as they’re relatively close to one another) without having to mess with multiple microphones. It can plug into your computer and camera without issue. If you’re going to plug this microphone into your iPhone than you will need this cheap adapter as well:

Blue Mikey iPhone Mic ($89):

If you’re going to be using your iPhone to record video this microphone is a must. It takes standard, low quality iPhone audio and produces high-quality, crisp, clear audio.


iPhone Rig ($7):

This simple device allows you to mount your iPhone on a tripod. Necessary for getting shots that aren’t shaky.

Tripod ($29):

It’s good to have 2 or 3 tripods for your video production. You never know when you’ll want a second camera, lighting, sound or a teleprompter setup for your shot. Always get the 72 inch tripod and always have one more than you think you need.


Backdrop Frame ($65):

If you’re setting up a studio and don’t have an attractive setting as a backdrop, you’re going to want to create your own. This 10×12 foot adjustable backdrop frame allows you fill just about any space and have enough room for shots with multiple people.

White Backdrop ($25):

When you’re first starting out a nice white backdrop is an easy setting to create nice video with. Ultimately you can choose what color or pattern fits the style of video of you’re looking to produce.

Backdrop Clamps ($8):

You’ll need these to attach and flatten your background to the backdrop frame. Simple, but necessary.


Lighting Kit ($129):

Directional softbox lights allow you to focus light on the background or a subject. Lighting is one of the most important (and often disregarded) aspects of creating quality video.

Backdrop Lighting Kit ($49):

This lighting kit provides soft overhead light onto the subject or background providing a larger area of light which is also much less harsh than what you get from softbox kits.


Continuous Power ($16):

If you don’t want to have to deal with your battery constantly running out of juice, this continuous power source is a must purchase.

Editing Software

You’re going to need to edit the video you create. If you use a PC, get Camtasia. If you use a Mac, get Screenflow. Both are easy to learn, easy to use and will allow you create professional quality videos in no time.

Total Package

This is just about everything you’ll need to create an amazing in office video studio and total cost is only: $1055.

That cost includes a $500 camera. You could just as easily use your iPhone or Android and create equally high-quality video.

The Rub

I’ve been doing video marketing in the insurance industry for more than five years now. I’ve worked up from a zero budget to now what you see in the video above.

There is NOT a free option for creating great in-office or mobile video. Trying to get by without spending money is going to yield some terrible video, that no one wants to watch.

The cost of creating your own video studio on a budget may not seem “Budget.”

Trust me, the first time a prospect calls your office because of one of your videos everything will seem worth it.

But if you spend a little and follow along with the video marketing resources we share here on Agency Nation, I promise you’ll be happy you did.

Thank you and good luck,

Ryan Hanley

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