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how to choose an agency management system

Do you know how to choose an agency management system?

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio, Ryan interviews Boyd McGehee, owner/producer at Talladega Insurance in Talladega, AL, about his 6 year journey choosing an agency management system.

Yes, you read that right, Boyd McGehee has been searching for a new agency management system for more than 6 years.

Last month, Boyd finally made a decision.

Boyd’s journey searching for, reviewing and choosing an agency management system puts him in a unique group of agents with a deep specialization in the AMS selection process.

We wanted to put together a resource to help independent agencies make the very tough decision of choosing a new agency management system and avoid the common pitfalls associated with this decision.

boyd mcgeheeBelow is an outline of Boyd’s process for choosing an agency management system:

1) What kind of agency are you? What is your business class split?

2) What more do you want/NEED out of a management system?

3) Have your bookkeeper/CPA do an overview and demo of how the accounting will integrate.

4) Have a top commercial/personal CSR do an overview and demo.

5) Are there ANY gaps in the prospective AMS that you cannot live without? Will the prospective AMS fix them?

6) Understand that the new prospective agency management system is not going to be your old AMS.

7) What is the technology behind the platform?

8) What does conversion look like? What data converts? What is downloadable?

9) How much does the new agency management system cost versus your current solution?

10) Make your decision.

11) The conversion process begins.

12) When is the best time for you to launch?

13) How long is training needed? Onsite training?

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]The goal of moving your AMS is NOT apples-to-apples functionality, but rather freedom to grow.[/tweet_box]

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Boyd decided on TechCanary for his new agency management system.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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