How to Create an Effective Call-to-Action

This is the most important make or break point in your entire content marketing process. Let's make sure nothing breaks by learning how to create this simple CTA.
19 Min.

Getting Started

Listen, this the make or break moment for your content. 

You’ve put in all this time, effort and energy to get them to this point, you need something that’s going to make it all worth it.

That something is a Call-to-Action (CTA). 

Let’s breakdown how you can make a very simple and effective one make people stick around.

Post Dimensions 

First, you need to properly size your CTA to fit at the bottom of your blog post.

You can easily figure out the dimensions of the post by using the snipping tool on your computer.

Simply open up your graphics editing program of choice, in this case, we’re using Photoshop. Now create a new file from your clipboard. 

Once you know the proper width to make the file you’ll need to crop the top and bottom of the image to a more rectangle friendly height. 

Creating Your Call-to-Action

Step 1

Delete the white background of the bottom layer.

Step 2

Grab the custom shape tool. 

I prefer the rounded corner rectangle, however, you can opt for the more traditional straight edge rectangle if you want. 

Let’s take a quick break to discuss colors.

Color Theory

There has certainly been a lot said about the effectiveness different colors have on people to do things. 

The simplest and most effective thing to know when picking a color for your CTA is that it should have the highest contrast to everything else on the page.

Additionally, making that high contrast color your “action” color is also a pretty solid idea.

That means anytime there’s something you want a visitor to click on, it is consistently the same color.

This color should also already be part of your agency’s overall brand design.

Creating Your Call-to-Action (Continued) 

Step 3

Select your action color and stretch the custom shape out to fill most of the area. 

Step 4

Add a layer of text that says “NEXT STEPS” preferably in all caps, because why not. 

Step 5

Add a second layer of text that explains the step you want them to take. “Learn how to buy the right insurance plan.”

Step 6

Make sure your text is evenly spaced, centered and overall visually appealing. A pink line will appear in Photoshop when a layer is perfectly centered. 

Step 7

Save your newly created CTA as a .PNG file. 

Step 8

You’re done.

Adding the CTA to Your Website

Depending on what platform your website lives on will determine how advanced your implementation can get. 

In a standard WordPress environment, you’ll simply upload the image and add it to the bottom of each post.

Step 1

Scroll to the location (see bottom) of the post you want to insert the image.

Step 2

Click the “Add Media” button and upload the image to your site and insert it into the post.

Step 3

Select the image and click on the pencil icon to edit it. Make sure the image size is set to full.

Linking Your Call-to-Action to a Landing Page

It doesn’t matter if you have a “proper” landing page set up or not. This big shiny new button needs to lead somewhere.

The easiest page you have available is the “Contact Us” or “Get a Quote.” 

Of course, these aren’t great options but are certainly better than nothing. 

If you want to take it to the next level right away, link to a dedicated online scheduling page for people to book appointments with you.

Calandly is a great free service you can set up in minutes. 

Now that you have that all sorted out.

Simply click on the CTA at the bottom of the post again and click the “add a link” icon in the WordPress toolbar. 

Copy and paste the link and you’re good to go.

Now test it out for yourself and wait for the leads to start coming in. 

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