How to Develop an SEO Strategy Google Cares About

The only thing that matters with your content strategy is that it gets the attention of Google. If not, then you'll have wasted a ton of time and effort that no one will ever see. Let's make sure that doesn't happen again.
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The SEO Myth

Don’t talk yourself out of starting your SEO strategy before you even start. You DON’T need to pay someone thousands of dollars a month to get results.

In fact, if you are paying someone that kind of money and they aren’t creating a ton of content for you every month, they’re basically stealing that money.

How to Fill Your SEO Tank

This is the process of getting as much focused and relevant content on your site as fast as possible.

It will take a while (at least six months) for anything to start happening. You want to speed this process up and increase the chances for more articles to rank by publishing as many of the 20 essential topics as you can.

Once a week is the absolute minimum frequency you should be posting if you’re just getting started.

Twice a week is better and anything beyond three posts a week will have you caught up in no time.

The Biggest SEO Secret

Is simply your ability to listen.

The better you are at hearing the problems people are having and addressing them in content the more effective your SEO strategy will be.

Do This: Write down the exact reason every person calls to talk to you about insurance.

Get Crazy: Do this for everyone in your agency and you’ll be overwhelmed with content to create.

Proof SEO Takes Time

There isn’t anything more powerful than looking at the view history of my video “How to Now Get Scammed When Buying Health Insurance”

It took almost two full years for it to matter and drive significant traffic and leads to my agency and peaked a full three years later.

You can’t give up.

Always Double Down

You’ll miss a huge opportunity and decrease your chances for SEO success if you don’t create content in multiple formats.

Using a blog post as a script for a video or transcribing a video for a blog post is a ridiculously easy way to double your chances for SEO success.

Just look again at the How to Not Get Scammed Buying Health Insurance as an example.

The video has been viewed over 12,000 times since it was published and the article only 125. Yikes.

Then make sure to combine the two for one awesome piece of content on your site.

PRO TIP: I like to embed my video somewhere in the first subheader section. It doesn’t overpower the opening of the article and isn’t too far in for someone to decide to abandon reading to watch the video instead.

SEO Analytics (What Ranks)

This should help take the guesswork out of your SEO efforts.

Part of the challenge deciding to invest the time creating content is the uncertainty if will get found.

These are the 20 most viewed articles I’ve ever written.

The Importance of Analytics

As you can see through all of this, if you don’t have tools that allow you to monitor and react to what’s working, SEO gets a lot harder.

Being able to easily see your wins and loses only improves your ability to continue creating content that people can find to solve their insurance problems.

Know Your Competition

The last thing you need to do to help take your content to the top of Google is finding out what it takes to beat the competition.

Search the phrases your content is likely to rank for and see what comes up. If it’s a short, two or three paragraph article now there’s a good chance if you dive a little deep on the topic you might win.

Perhaps there’s a fairly extensive piece of content sitting at the top of the search results, but maybe there isn’t any video incorporated into the post. Since you’re doubling down on everything you create this will be an easy way to separate it.

If you get really lucky and there really isn’t anything at all directly addressing the topic, your fingers shouldn’t be able to type fast enough to get that content out the door.

The Recap

You need to be laser-focused on your niche.

You need to consistently create content that solves problems for the people you CAN do business with.

Most importantly you need to always be listening for your next great content opportunity that will drive leads to your agency month after month.