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Despite what you’ve heard, organic reach on Facebook is not dead.

It’s just not as easy to achieve as it was in the past.

Today we’re going to learn how to make your Facebook page come alive.

While it’s true that Facebook has become more of a “pay to play” type of social network, there are still plenty of ways to reach new prospects and stay connected with current clients without dishing out any money.

It’s going to take a little elbow grease to maximize your organic reach, (and spend the little extra money ), to enhance those tactics.

Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy to reach a lot of people for very little money.

In this article, we’re going to focus mostly on the things you can do to reach more people organically, but we’re also going to show you several paid tactics that can easily fit into the smallest of marketing budgets.

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The Key to Organic Reach

Facebook organic reach is driven by one thing – engagement.

Engagement is the key to organic reach.

Facebook has changed their algorithms so that people mostly see content (from business pages) that is either engaged with or is sponsored.

However, they still have to provide their users a great experience, meaning users will continue to see content they engage with on their own.

In addition to ensuring your current fans see your agency’s page, engagement also makes your content show up on your fans’ friends’ timelines – expanding your reach.

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How to Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

When your page is fairly new, it’s difficult to get engagement – especially when you don’t have many fans.

It’s all about getting that initial traction and keeping the momentum going from there.

There is no one magic tactic to drive organic Facebook page growth.

That’s why you want to use several tactics to keep that engagement alive:

1) Update Often

To keep your prospects and clients engaged, you need to consistently create new posts.

Some agents worry about bombarding their followers with content. Facebook’s algorithm is going to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Posing more often creates more opportunities for fans to like, comment, and share your posts, which shows Facebook that they’d like to see more of your content.

This doesn’t mean creating a new post every hour, but 1-3 a day is a solid schedule if you’re serious about getting engagement.

Remember, the longer someone goes without interacting with your page, the less likely they are to see your content organically.

In other words, posting once or twice a week isn’t going to cut it.

2) Spice Up Your Content

You can’t keep people engaged by posting the same types of content over and over. Plus, the type of content that sparks engagement will vary with different people.

In addition to blog posts, status updates, and the other content you’re already sharing, you want to look for ways to add variety to your fans’ newsfeeds. Below are several types of Facebook posts that work well.

Ask questions.

One of the most effective ways to get comments is to ask an open-ended question.

Post user-generated content.

Whenever a client creates a post about your agency, share that post with your fans (with their permission.) You can also create photo contests to get user-generated content from your Facebook fans.

So far great contact, excellent response, terrific value for independent agents!

Posted by J Edward Eastbridge on Thursday, September 22, 2016


Share behind-the-scenes content.

People love to get to know the people behind the company, and this type of content makes your agency more personable.

3) Boost Your Posts

No matter what we do, organic reach on Facebook is going to be limited.

According to Facebook, “of the 1,500+ stories a person might see whenever they log onto Facebook, the newsfeed displays approximately 300.”

The quickest way to get engagement is by promoting your posts with the Boost Button.

facebook boost button

Unlike launching a Facebook advertising campaign, boosting your posts is quick and easy. You simply select an audience, set your budget, and your post will start showing up on that audience’s newsfeed until your budget runs out.

The most effective way to maximize your reach for the least amount of money is to promote your posts to your current audience.

Herein lies, “The Catch,” for using the Boost Button.

You never select “People Who Like Your Page and Their Friends” option for Boost Button audience.

This is a waste of money.

There are only two potential worth selecting when using the Boost Button:

  1. People Who Like Your Page
  2. People Who’ve Visited Your Website (if you’ve installed a custom Facebook pixel on your site)

There is on more on custom Facebook pixels and Facebook advertising inside Agency Nation University.

This works because you’re only paying to show your content to people who have already shown an interest in it, meaning they are most likely to engage with it, which leads to more organic reach.

You only need to set a budget of $3 to $10 to get more exposure to your posts because once you get that initial engagement on your post, it spreads organically.

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4) Post at the Right Time

If you want your Facebook posts to reach more people, it makes sense to post them when more people are on Facebook.

Once your agency’s page has over 100 likes, you’ll be able to see which times of day your posts get the most reach.

However, until you know what works best for your audience, you should test posting at several different points throughout the day.

In case you’re curious, Facebook’s traffic peaks during midweek between 1 and 3 pm.

5) Include Photos Whenever Possible

Photos are more engaging than text, and they also take up more space in the newsfeed, meaning they attract more attention.

You should always look for ways to include a photo that’s relevant to your post.

Although photos continue to create strong engagement – if you want to step it up even further, add a video because video has recently passed photo as the most engaging content type on Facebook.

facebook images

BTW – When this post was published, the Agency Nation Facebook page had 2103 fans. If you do the math, that’s over 50% organic reach.

6) Always Respond to Comments

Growing your Facebook audience, much like growing your agency in general, is all about building relationships.

In order to create a deeper connection with your Facebook fans, you want to have a two-way conversation.

Try to make a point to respond to all comments – even the negative ones when there is a chance to offer clarity or provide customer service (Ignore people who are blatantly spamming or trolling.)

When people see you responding to comments, it encourages them to comment as well, further increasing engagement.

The Rub

Facebook has undoubtedly made it more difficult to grow a business page without spending any money, but there are still ways to grow a large, active audience without a huge advertising budget.

What Facebook has really done, through changes to their algorithm, is force agencies to provide better content for their audiences.

Think of Facebook as it’s content platform, separate from your blog. Each post then becomes it’s own “blog post” on Facebook.

Educate. Entertain. Inspire.

The way to make your Facebook page come alive is to do everything you can to get people engaged and keep them engaged on a regular basis.

Then whatever you’re willing to spend to promote your posts, will only enhance that engagement and keep your page steadily growing.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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