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How to sell digital marketing

Are you trying to sell digital marketing inside your agency?

Whether you’re a CSR looking to sell, a producer trying to expand brand reach or an agency owner who simply wants to grow, selling digital marketing as tool to accomplish these goals can be difficult when other stakeholders in the agency disagree.

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio we discuss a four step plan for selling non-believers on the power of digital marketing inside your agency.

The 4 steps to sell digital marketing inside your agency:

  1. Set realistic time expectations
  2. Start small
  3. Commit to the work
  4. Collect data and results

Here’s the rub, if your agency leadership doesn’t have a desire for growth, selling digital marketing inside your agency is going to be very difficult.

Adapting a culture of digital marketing is not easy. Things will most likely need to change (a little).

Digital marketing is a no-brainer for growth focused agencies who understand that the Internet is currently the most powerful introduction tool at the independent insurance agents disposal.

Here is a great supplemental article from Entrepreneur Magazine: Intrapreneurship is the New Entrepreneurship

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