How to Start Live Streaming as an Insurance Agent

With every live, in person event now being canceled, it is vital to have an online presence.

From musicians, to speakers, to educators, to athletes, to service professionals… and yes to insurance agents, it’s time to GET ONLINE, or literally get lost and lose your business. Having run an online business for the last 8 years and teaching 1000’s how to show up, creating an online event seems like a no brainer for me and many of my clients.

However, I know this is an unknown territory for most business owners. How do you actually transfer an in person experience to an online experience without losing focus, nuance, connections and results?

What if you could use VIDEO to show up from home and reach even more people than you can in person?

When I shifted my in person vocal coaching business to an online business eight years ago, many people thought I was crazy. You better believe I am SO GLAD I invested time, money, and brain power into building an online community, and platform with over a thousand paying students! As these tools become more affordable and easier to use… it is CRAZY possible to make this happen with the right systems and tools in place, as long as you DECIDE and #showup!

In this post, I will walk you through the systems and tools needed to take your offline events and connections online!

I LOVE in person events, AND you may be surprised by the increased reach, profit, and IMPACT you will see when you shift into the online space. AND right now, let’s be real… It’s necessary. What would it be like to host an online event for a thousand people who are interested in what you have to offer as an insurance agent!? The possibilities are endless.

So let’s dig in to the Keys to Live Streaming For Insurance Agents.


Here’s why I said ‘members’ and I didn’t just say, “know your audience.”  I want you to make a list of real people that you know you could serve. You’ve got to do some guerrilla marketing here. Make a list of real people that you know would benefit from your performance. Don’t get too caught in your head about this. There is a good chance that you know people who would be interested in learning more about ways they can benefit from specific insurance programs and you simply haven’t given them the chance!

Keep in mind… with live streaming, there are two ways that they will pay: ( We will get into the details of this in tip #4 )

  1. In actually signing up for a policy.  (We’ll talk about how to make that happen in this post.)
  2. In social currency. (When they comment, like, and share it makes it easier for you to attract new viewers.) 

The first #ActionStep is to identify your ideal audience members and write their names down, because you’ll come back to them later and use them as inspiration for your content.  


I put this in all caps because this is the #1 mistake I see people making. They build these massive followings and then something happens on social media and they can’t contact their community!!

Your people want to know where you are and when you are playing. Don’t rely on social media platforms to notify them!! Build a list and send notifications yourself!

Here are some of our favorite tools that will help you do this!

  1. Email: Possibly the easiest. We use Convertkit and it’s awesome. They have a great free version.
  2. Messenger: This is super easy once you get the hang of it. You can build a full list on your Fb Biz Page and message them about your events if you get them to confirm that they want reminders. We use ManyChat. They have an awesome free version and the paid version starts at only $10 a month!
  3. Text Messaging: Magically ManyChat let’s you do this too! It’s SO GOOD. Here’s the link again JIC: MANYCHAT


The next thing is to start showing up!  Let me give you an example:

When I decided to launch the Camera Confidence® Program. I knew my ideal client and I knew the value that I could provide for them.

To draw them in, I started providing massive value by going live three times a week. I literally did live videos Three. Times. A week. I did a ‘Motivation Monday’ video every single Monday on my personal profile, I did a ‘Work-it Wednesday’ video every single Wednesday on my business page, and I did a ‘Fearless Friday’ video every single Friday on my personal profile.

You might not be launching a course, but in order for people to trust you and commit to a policy through you… they have to be able to FIND YOU.

Here is a list to get you started.

  1. Join groups on your social platforms where your peeps are.

  2. Create “friends lists” on fb, twitter, and insta (and other places where it’s possible) of your ideal audience members and intentionally engage on their stuff! You always want people to like your posts, but do you think of liking theirs? The more you engage with their content the more they’ll see yours.

  3. I would usually say, go to events… but… #coronavirus so go to online events! (Eventually this will end and you should absolutely GO TO EVENTS.)

  4. Post regularly on all of your main platforms. If you need a social media scheduling tool, our favorite is SmarterQueue. Decide on the platform that is best for you and start there.
    1. Facebook
    2. Instagram
    3. Twitter
    4. TikTok
  5. Create “Events” on Facebook and any other platforms where you can create events.

  6. Invite people to a Zoom connection call.

  7. Create your own small virtual hang out on Zoom or Be.Live

  8. I know it can feel overwhelming at first, so reach out to a few of your top friends or community members and ask them to invite people.

  9. Set a consistent Live Streaming Schedule.
    1. Add it into your cover photo on your business page.
    2. Create posts that lead to allowing people to subscribe for a reminder.
  10. Go LIVE!  You can go live right from your phone, but we love to use a suuuper simple tool called Be.Live that lets you pre-schedule your video so that people can get an announcement.  And, it allows you to stream on Facebook and Youtube! It also has really awesome tools, like adding  lower thirds, frames, payment links and all sorts of magic that makes your videos more engaging.
Here’s a training on how to get started with Be.Live 



Believe it or not, this is actually the easiest part of the whole thing. It may seem scary at first, and you may feel like you need loads of fancy gear. But I promise you, if you are worried about the gear, that is the FEAR. 

To get started the tech can be very simple. 

  1. Your phone or desktop computer.
  2. A tripod or phone mount
  3. Natural lighting or a ring light 
  4. A microphone or earbud headset. 

I do have a full gear list, but remember to keep it simple: 


The fact that you’ve been speaking since you were about 2 years old… doesn’t mean you are actually a pro when it comes to speaking on camera. And that’s ok! It’s a skill set that can be learned. 

Here’s a few tips to get you started. 

  1. Warm up! You are the instrument that is coming to the screen, and you need to warm up if you want to speak effectively. So do some breathing exercises and tongue twisters. 
  2. Think of the person you are looking to connect with. Provide value for that one person! 
  3. Give a clear “call to action.” Let them know how to learn more from you. 
  4. Be like Mr. Rogers. Look right into the camera and speak to one person. Rather than “Hi EVERYONE on Facebook!” Say… “Hi there neighbor!” “Hey, good to see you.” 


This may feel a little weird at first but trust me.

It is your job to help people decide. Creating a sense of urgency or scarcity will help them to make that decision. 

I know that you aren’t able to control the price of the policy, but there are other ways to inspire action and urgency.

One way is through limited edition swag. People who love the value you provide will flip for the opportunity to strut their stuff in a limited edition shirt or with a mug. It’s actually amazing how people react over something as small as a bonus promo item. There are so many possibilities when it comes to promo products. 

You have to stick to it though! If the swag is limited edition, and only a few shirts/mugs are available… stick to that!


Finally, you have to deliver with loads of open communication. People love this!

Let me start by giving you an example of when I did not do this. With my Messenger Automation Academy, I decided that because it was a lower level course with a lower price entry, that I wasn’t going to be giving extra support. If they wanted extra support, they would need to join a higher level program like Camera Confidence. 

When I first offered the Messenger Automation Academy, I thought it would be easier if I put the program into a learning management system. They would log in and get the training videos, but I didn’t have to be there to answer questions.

I set it up in Kajabi and it was fine until I realized that when I launch a new program like this, the thing that is most beneficial for making it really awesome is that open communication. As each question comes through, it lets me know what content I need to modify and what new content I need to create. The communication ended up being beneficial for both the participants and for me too!

If I didn’t have a way to get participant questions or to hear where they are stuck, I would not be able to make the program as valuable. We moved everything into a Facebook group so they could easily ask questions and get answers from me and the community. I think that this instant feedback is so important. 

You can do the same thing with a free Facebook or LinkedIn group. 

Even if it’s a neighborhood community group, or a wellness group where you share tips… you’ll be bringing people together, they will see you as an authority and come to you for help and support with their insurance needs. 

That’s why I LOVE live streaming! You get to be part of the action.



I love the idea of learning out loud! If you are someone who is an expert but who wants to keep learning and growing (this should be everyone!), open communication with your participants is an awesome way to get ahead of the curve!

And, right now, the playing field has been leveled. Look at what Jimmy Fallon is doing with the Tonight Show! The whole thing is shot on an iPhone with his kids as the graphic designers. 

Your community will cheer you on!

With the Facebook group model, it takes open communication one step further. Even if I’m not in there to answer all the questions right away, the participants are all in there connecting, which is what we need right now.

I can’t say enough about how awesome it is to build that community.


There they are; the key tips you need to start Live Streaming as an Insurance Agent! I’m confident that you can use everything I’ve given you here in your own business to serve more people and, at the same time, make more money doing it!

I love nothing more than helping you to unlock your inner awesome and elevate it, so that you can quickly add more credibility, visibility and share your gifts with the world.

If you would like more support, I have a next step.

  1. Come to our next Live Video Masterclass where I’ll share how to boost your views and sales using live video

If you find this valuable and you want to help other people to be able to take their events online without losing their mind, share this with them.  I’ve put this into place, my clients have put this into place, and it’s so doable!

With our support, all you need to do is SHOW UP and follow the plan!

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