How to Tell Your Story Through Video

This sprint shows you how to create an “About Us” or “Why Us” video that will sit on your main page or About Us page.
60 minutes

Why Should You Create This Video

Most people think a “Why Us” video should speak to why the visitor should choose an independent agent or why the visitor needs insurance.

Something very generic.

Something that doesn’t speak to who YOU are.

In a world where you may never meet some of your prospects or clients, it’s easy to lose that special “thing” that happens when you meet someone in person.

That’s where video comes in.

It bridges the digital divide.

And as it does, your relationship with your prospects and clients you never meet face-to-face becomes even deeper.

You’re not “that agent I got insurance from.”

You’re Syd Roe or Joey G from Agency Nation.

It can be tough to create these kinds of videos because telling our story feels very”¦.abstract.

Watch the presentation below and it will become much more tangible.


What a Story is and is Not


Two Agent Examples

Now that you’ve got the nuts and bolts of storytelling, I want to give you 2 examples of agencies that have done a great job with this video.

The first is G&N Insurance from Massachusetts. This video leans more “Why Us” and sits on their main page.

Click here to watch it.

The second is Pinnacle Insurance Agency from Minnesota. This video leans more “About Us” and sits as the cover video on their Facebook Page.

Click here to watch it.

Take inspiration from what these rockstars are doing and go crush your video!