How to Understand and Benchmark Conversion Analytics

There's no hiding from the harsh reality of your websites conversion statistics. Let's make sure you're getting as many leads as you possibly can by focusing on these key metrics.
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The Truth

There’s no hiding from the harsh reality of your sites conversion stats.

If you don’t have a firm handle on these numbers then you have no idea how many leads you’re missing each month.

Because once you know how often something converts you can follow the numbers all the way back to find profitability.

Call-to-Action Click Rates

If you want to improve this number you’re going to have to test a lot of different options.

It also helps if you can pay close attention to the type of language and actions your prospects respond to.

It is also a really good idea for you to know how much improvement is possible.

The worst thing you can do is spend hours or even days trying to improve conversion rates that are above average.

Just to give you a rough idea, a standard button style CTA converts around 4.37 percent of the time.

The Power of Call Scheduling

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how nice, fancy or convincing a CTA is, you just need an offer they care about.

As you can see I found this to be the truest when people were presented with the option to schedule a call.

While it’s a small sample size, a 45.09 percent conversion rate is pretty crazy.

Everyone Needs a Benchmark

Like I mentioned earlier if don’t know what the ceiling for success is, you could find yourself wasting time fixing something that isn’t broken.

On the other hand, if you have no idea what “decent” conversation rates look like, your CTA’s and landing pages could be dramatically underperforming.

As you can see above those are middle of the road numbers you should try really hard to hover around.

Landing Pages Doing Work

Listen, these are some of the most important pages and overall pieces to your digital marketing success.

It’s vital to have a very good handle on how well they are working and constantly tweaking them until they start converting at an acceptable level.

Let’s take a look at a landing page I created that has done a bulk of the heavy lifting for me over the years.

As you can see there are three primary elements above the fold.

  • Headline
  • Video
  • Form

The headline clearly states the goal I want a visitor to accomplish by completing this form.

The video helps further explain the process that’s about to happen.

The form collects the nessacary information needed to get the process started.

All of these different elements combine to create a landing page that converts at just over 17 percent.

More Benchmarking

Again, just like what we learn from our CTA click-through rates, it’s equally important to know what type of conversion heights can be achieved with your landing page.

The best of the best across all industries convert around 11 percent. However, the closest comparison here is the financial industry which tops out at over 24 percent, which is very impressive.

The best advice here is to use an even 20 percent as your target conversion rate.

An Underperforming Landing Page

Now let’s take a look at what happens when a landing page doesn’t hit the mark.

The most interesting thing to note about this page is that the layout was created by my website designer and converts a full 10 percent less than the previous example that I commissioned.

You’ll notice there’s no video on this page, a much simpler form and just an increased level of genericness.  

NOTE: Please don’t assume your website developer always knows what converts best. Make sure to give them specific instructions on the landing page templates you need to be created. 

The Recap

This is the first step to understanding what parts of your conversion process need attention. 

Without knowing your conversion rates on these two areas of your marketing process it becomes nearly impossible to make improvements.

It’s up to you to test a variety of different ideas in an attempt to maximize your effectiveness.

It’s also just as important to know exactly how effective your CTA’s and landing pages can be, which means consistently benchmarking them against others results. 


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