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“We are the Uber of inspections.”

The sharing economy isn’t coming, it’s here.

The sharing economy has been making waves in the insurance sector for a few years now.

Most of the discussion centers around how the industry can cover new exposures.

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio, Marty talks with Robin Smith, CEO and founder of WeGoLook (which has since been acquired by Crawford & Company), a sharing economy company designed to help insurance industry professionals with onsite property inspections.

WeGoLook is a new concept in the insurance space.

Rather than sending a staff member out to the scene of an accident or to inspect a building, a ‘Looker’ from WeGoLook can provide the inspection or review.

Today, there are over 30,000 ‘Lookers’ available nationwide to perform any number of insurance tasks.

Listen in as we explore this exciting concept and how it can enable insurance professionals to leverage a nationwide network to perform day to day tasks allowing them to differentiate themselves and their organizations via expertise.

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