Looking for a more efficient social media marketing process?

In this episode of IA Today we discuss a tool, Friends+Me, that independent insurance agents can use to create a more efficient process for marketing their agency on social media.

Here’s what a tool like Friends+Me can do for your social media marketing:

  • Post once and push content to other major social networks
  • Rich post format throughout all social media networks
  • Post is formatted to fit unique social media network

There is much more to this this tool as well.

Watch this video to learn more about efficient social media marketing and Friends+Me:

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Video Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to another episode of IA Today. My name is Ryan Hanley and today folks, we’re going to talk about efficiency in creating and distributing content out into social media. This is one of the things that I get asked most often at presentations, just recently as last week at the Independent Insurance Agency of Virginia Young Agents Event in Virginia, fantastic event.

Very appreciative of them having me out. We did three hours on content marketing and it was fantastic. The question I got three times during that presentation in three different formats, but three different ways this question was phrased to me, and that is “How do we find the time to do this stuff?” It’s not that we don’t believe in it, it’s not that we don’t think it works, it’s not that we don’t think it’s valuable and how it can help us grow our agency, but how do we find the time.

Independent insurance agencies are busy, being an agent, being a customer service rep, being some sort of internal employee and being a principal, incredibly busy work. There’s lots of things to do and I get that. I did this for eight years. I understand the pressures that we’re under and the time constraints.

A couple of things we can do, we can look at the way we operate our business and find ways to interject social media and content marketing. We also can harness the proper tools, harness the tools that are going to help us do our business better and in less amount of time, and today that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about.

I want to talk to you about an application called Friends+Me. It’s a web application, so it’s a website you go to and there’ll be a link below in the show notes of this video, either in the description on YouTube or on the blog post if you’re watching this on Agency Nation, and that link will take you to a website called Friends+Me.

What Friends+Me does is allow you to set up your Google+ account so that when you make new posts inside of Google+, those posts are automatically published out to your other social networks so that could be Twitter, it could be LinkedIn, it could be Facebook. You can choose to hook all of them up, you can choose or hook just one up, find out where this works well and what other communities are engaging with you in this content. Normally, I would say that pushing one post out to all your social networks isn’t always the best case, but here’s why I think this works with Google+. Google+ is in general, a long-formed social network.

You’re creating a more detailed post. It’s not 140 characters like Twitter, you know, Facebook posts tend to just be an image or just be a question, and when pushed out to a Google+ or LinkedIn, those types of posts don’t really make sense.

What’s cool about Friends+Me is that if you include an image, if you include a video, so some sort of media with a nice three to five paragraph post on whatever the topic of that post is meant to be. When that’s pushed out to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, Friends+Me is formatting that in a way so you have a 140 character Tweet potentially with a rich Twitter image which you may have seen on Twitter that pushes back to the Google+ post.

You get the same thing on Facebook and also on LinkedIn, so you’re getting rich media posts on every space and hitting a lot of people, a lot of your B to B clients may only work inside of LinkedIn.

A lot of your personal clients may only work inside of Facebook. Twitter may be a completely separate audience, so when you’re creating this content inside of Google+ and it’s getting pushed out to these various communities, these people don’t have to… you don’t have to go to each social network and post this content. You can post it in one place and make sure it hits all the different social networks. If it doesn’t work for one of those communities, definitely be judicious about it.

Don’t just push everything out, but this can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend working inside of these different social platforms, at least from a content creation standpoint. You always want to be dipping into them and responding to people and being active in that way, but when it comes to creating content on social media, I think Friends+Me is an incredible tool.

It’s something I’ve been using for a while. It’s drastically increased my engagement on Facebook because now these posts, these really long-form intricate posts that I do on Google+ are showing up in Facebook, and I would have never otherwise taken the time to do that work inside of Facebook.

I can’t recommend Friends+Me highly enough. It is a free tool by the way, I didn’t mentioned that. I’m not getting paid for this. This is a free tool and there is a paid version if you have 10+ accounts or you need an enterprise account, but most of you inside of agencies will not need the paid account.

You can use the free account and take full advantage of Friends+Me, an incredible tool that I think is going to increase your social media efficiency. As always, this has been IA Today sponsored by TrustedChoice.com, the premier leader for independent insurance agent personal and commercial lines leads and the trusted choice in our industry for helping create better education around sales, marketing and automation.

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