Insurance consumers are posting photos of their claims on social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Scary, right?

This is why, according to a recent article on PropertyCasualty360, Instagram is one of the top websites that insurance carrier claims investigators are using to research insurance claims.

Today we discuss why this is such an issue, and what we as independent insurance agents should be doing to combat it.

Are your insurance clients posting claims photos on social media?

Watch today’s episode of IA Today below:

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Video Transcript:

Hello, everyone. Ryan Hanley here, and welcome to another episode of IA Today, coming from the abnormally warm upstate New York for a late September day. We’re going to be in the 80’s today, which is very odd for this part of the country this time of the year. Today, we’re going to talk about social media, but not social media in the normal aspect.

We’re talking about marketing our agency and attracting new business. More social media in how we’re using or how we’re educating our consumers, specifically, our personalized consumers, though this could translate to business insurance, as well as around their usage of social media after a claim.

I recently came across an article on PropertyCasualty360 online which outlined the 10 most used websites by insurance investigators to figure out claim information after a consumer puts in a claim, and one of those websites was Instagram. Instagram is, for those who are unfamiliar, an app, it’s a social network mostly run off of mobile phones.

It allows you to take pictures, so it’s primarily a visual conversation happening on this app. Then you can push pictures out to websites like Flickr, Foursquare and, the most common are Twitter and Facebook.

Now, what’s happening is insureds are having claims, taking pictures of the accidents and sharing them on their social platforms and then giving claims representatives a different story. Potentially, obviously, many of our consumers are honest. Sometimes, these insureds are giving a little different story or maybe they just remember it differently when they’re talking to the claims investigators.

These claim investigators are going on Instagram. They’re going on a Facebook and Twitter. Finding the insured’s accounts, and then looking at pictures that they share of these claims and either denying something or just using that information in some way to impact the claim, and consumers don’t even think about this.

One thing that I want to share with you today. The one thing that I hope you take away from today’s episode of IA Today is educate consumers, educate the clients that walk into your office about the ramifications of using social media during a claims process. Now, I do think that it’s good best practices to take pictures, to have your clients taking pictures after an accident to document what happened. It’s really not a good idea to then take those images and share them out into social media for a bunch of different reasons.

Primarily because claims investigators are out there. They are using that information. Not to say that our insureds are, in any way, being fraudulent with their responses to claims investigators, but the images could tell a different story, whether accurate or not, and we just don’t want that information thrown out there. Especially, because now we know that claims investigators are going out onto social media.

Take a few moments with your insureds, even if it’s just a sentence. Just mention to them that when you have a claim, it is a good idea to not share that information on social media. Not share images about that claim. That way, your insureds are able to give the most accurate representation of a claim to those investigators on their own terms.

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With that, we’re going to wrap up the show and I look forward to seeing you next time on IA Today.

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