There are over 79,000,000 search results in Google for the term, “LinkedIn Marketing Insurance Agents.”

Why so many?

Because LinkedIn is one of the most important new business generation tools, insurance agents have at their disposal.

Not digital tools.

Not marketing tools.

All tools.

LinkedIn is NOT a nice to have or something you work on, “If you have time.”

There are 79,00,000 search results for the term, “LinkedIn Marketing Insurance Agents,” because you MUST be there.

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linkedin marketing insurance

In its most basic form, LinkedIn is the digital representation of your professional self.

LinkedIn is the first place peers, prospects, clients and vendors come to vet you and your professional accomplishments.

LinkedIn is your digital first impression.

What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?

If you don’t like what your LinkedIn profile says about you today, download our free LinkedIn Marketing for Insurance Agency eBook.

7 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics for Insurance Agents

LinkedIn Marketing Resources

Success on LinkedIn starts with the profile. Here is the best resource I’ve found online for creating a quality LinkedIn profile:

Want some advanced strategies for building your LinkedIn presence? Here are a few articles to level up your LinkedIn marketing:

LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy

Get the full scoop on LinkedIn marketing from this infographic by Leisure Jobs.

LinkedIn marketing cheet sheet

The Rub

In the digital marketplace, LinkedIn sits atop the list of insurance marketing tools.

You MUST be there.

You absolutely, positively, MUST use LinkedIn marketing to expand your insurance business.

Becoming proficient at LinkedIn marketing will take time and effort. However, the juice is worth the squeeze for those insurance agents who establish their expertise and authority on LinkedIn.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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