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insurance technology revolution

Will independent agents survive the insurance technology revolution?

I’d like to believe yes.

So does Bill Wilson, our guest in this episode of Agency Nation Radio.

Bill is the founder of (as well as former Vice President of Education and Research at Big “I”) and one of the all time great thought-leaders in the insurance space.

I asked Bill to join the podcast for a conversation around insurtech and in particular which companies and technologies he sees as legitimate threats to Trusted Choice independent agents and which are just a flash in the pan.

We start the conversation by dissecting a thought-provoking new post from Shefi Ben-Hutta titled, Insurtech is Not Well and the implications of her suggestions.

Additionally we touch on:

  • Lemonade sculpting a story of trust while turning off Facebook Reviews.
  • The rise and fall of mobile first insurance platforms.
  • The lack of insurance business expertise in insurtech.

…and so much more.

So here’s what you do next:

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  2. Connect with Bill Wilson on LinkedIn.
  3. Connect with Shefi Ben-Hutta while you’re at it.

Thank you,

Ryan Hanley

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