👀 Is it Time to Embrace the Emoji? The Latest Trend in SEO

Emojis first burst onto the scene all the way back in 2008, and quickly transformed the way we communicate with one another. While the jury is still out on whether or not these fun little ideograms belong in the workplace, one thing has become abundantly clear. 

It’s time to embrace the emoji. 

That doesn’t mean you need to include smiley faces and money bags in your professional emails (although a case can be made you probably should). However, it does mean you should consider incorporating them into the majority of your marketing efforts, particularly SEO. 

Are Emojis Good For SEO?

The very thought of including emojis on your marketing material, let alone company website, might make you cringe. That being said, a properly placed emoji can yield some pretty incredible benefits when it comes to your SEO.

For starters, emojis are incredibly popular among the younger generations. Studies have shown that around 92% of the online population uses emojis daily, and 70% believe that emojis convey their emotions better than words do.

Why does that matter?

It matters because emojis can be a powerful marketing tool when trying to communicate and connect with your target audience. Seeing that emojis are considered non-verbal methods of communication, it can significantly elevate the perception of the message or point we are trying to get across.

Little Competition

Becoming an early adopter of SEO trends tends to yield much better results than trying to enter the race at a later point. Right now, there is very little competition when it comes to emoji searches. So why wouldn’t you want to get a leg up on your competition?

Now, this doesn’t mean you should change your whole SEO strategy to strictly target emoji searches. But what it does mean, is that you should attempt to incorporate emojis whenever possible as long as they make sense (we’ll touch on that in a minute).

Improve Click Through Rates

If you weren’t already aware, your click through rate (CTR) plays a crucial role in your SEO. Meaning, the more users click on your link in the search results, the higher search engines will rank you.

There has been plenty of research that shows adding emojis to just about any medium helps improve click through rates (including this semrush article). Now that Google supports emojis in their search results, adding some to your title tags and meta descriptions can help you stand out and improve your CTR.

Google May Filter Out Your Emojis

Don’t be discouraged if your emojis don’t show up. While Google has publicly stated (and shown) that they support emojis in their search results, they still reserve the right to filter them out. Just as they reserve the right to change your meta tags as they see fit.

Google wants to make sure that all their users are provided with the best experience possible. So, if you’re trying to add emojis just for the sake of adding emojis, Google may show your title and description sans your emojis. Some reasons your emojis may be filtered out include: 

  • Your emojis aren’t relevant to the search query.
  • Your emojis are misleading for users.
  • Your emojis appear to be spammy.

The rule of thumb is to use emojis when they are relevant to the topic or search. For example, using a pizza emoji for your insurance agency’s about page makes little to now sense. While on the other hand, using a money bag emoji in the description of your latest money saving tips article might be a good fit.

Where to Find Emojis

 The majority of people use emojis when they are convenient. Meaning, when the platform or medium with which they are communicating supports emojis as a character option. For example, emojis are commonly used while sending text messages or commenting on social media.

 If you’re wondering where to find emojis to include in your website, content, or ads, the following resources are great places to start: 


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