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jay weintraub people are our product

In an increasingly commoditized world, it is our people that create value.

In this episode of Agency Nation Radio we’re joined by Jay Weintraub, founder of the InsurTech Connect Conference, and keynote speaker at Elevate 2017 for a deep dive into why people are our product and how we maximize the value of are people to the customers we serve.

If I’ve written it once, I’ve written it 100 times, it’s the humans of insurance that decommoditize the insurance industry.

As Jay explains, he’s built his business on the same mantra.

Having successfully launched and grown four different conferences within the insurance and marketing industries, Jay believes the growth of his events are a direct result of his focus on people.

In the second half of this episode Jay speaks on the happenings within Insurtech. Insurtech Connect was a monster event last year, bringing together some of the most influential minds in the insurance technology space.

Jay Weintraub will be keynoting Day I of Agency Nation Elevate 2017.

If you want to know exactly what’s happening right now in insurance technology and how to position your insurance business for the future, click here and get your ticket to Elevate 2017 today!

Then connect with Jay on LinkedIn here.

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