Keyword Research and Headline Writing 101

You'll be surprised at how connected these two steps are in the content creation process. You have to make sure you're targeting keywords people are search but also need to make compelling. Let's break down the critically important parts of both.
20 Min.

Keyword Research Basics

The two most important numbers to pay attention to when doing any keyword research is the estimated monthly search volume and competition difficulty. 

Those numbers will let you know the total possible value in your hopeful keyword.

The sweet spot comes in finding a decent monthly search volume with a medium to low difficulty. 

The lower the difficulty is, the easier it is to rank for and the higher monthly search volume the more likely enough people will be able to find it. 

Getting Specific

The more specific you can get with your keywords the better chance you have finding this elusive combination. 

This is generally where focusing in on the area in which you can sell insurance (see states you’re licensed in) will automatically help make some of these choices for you. 

The other secret weapon you have at your disposal is the ability to leverage existing name value. Meaning, take advantage of the things people already know about. 

Insurance companies and brands spend a lot of money to make sure people know who they are. If you’re able to piggyback on that you’ll slide up the search charts faster.

This is where the “Best of” and “Vs.” style headlines become very effective, especially if no one else has written them for your state yet. 

The Competition 

Speaking of the competition, this is also a vital step in identifying quality keywords. 

You need to take a look at what is already out there on the topic and decide if you’re going to be able to create something that better answers the question.

The more generic a page or site is, the more opportunity you have to put a face (see agent) to the policy/problem. 

Of course, you need to attack a keyword 10x or 20x more than these big national sites in hopes of competing with them. 

The Headline Analyzer

There’s a great headline tool that will really help you up your headline game. 

You’ll learn how to focus on optimizing the length, both word and character count, of your headline.

In addition to understanding the overall word mixture that will create an enticing headline, people can’t help but click on.

5 Headlines That Move the Needle

At the end of the day, there are really five types of headlines that drive a majority of traffic, leads and sales.

  • How to
  • Best of
  • Problems
  • Vs.
  • List

You can also give honorable mentions to “Price” and “Questions.”

You’re going to want to take every opportunity you can to operate within one of these headline constructs.  

Then all you have to do is rinse and repeat until your phone starts to ring. 

The Recap

Spending a disproportionate amount of time on the keyword and headline will ultimately pay off down the road. 

Because if you mess up on either it’s going to be extremely hard for your blog post or video to recover from the results. 

Spraying and praying with generic insurance content will have you wondering if anyone even uses the internet. 

Highly focused keywords and headlines will make your insurance life much easier for people to find you.