Four Ways to Foster Quick, Effective and Free Lead Generation During COVID-19 (and after)

Working from home, finding new ways to meet business objectives, adjusting our routines and our mindsets and even our tool sets… the ways that our professional lives have changed as a result of COVID-19 are significant and, at this point, well documented. We’ve faced a lot of challenges without a lot of time to prepare.

But the show must go on. Your clients – and their networks – still need insurance protection, so this is your time to shine. As Charles Darwin has taught us, those who survive are not the strongest or the most intelligent, but the most adaptable to change.

Accordingly, your objective should be to grow during this time, even while others may still be figuring out the situation. Here are a few ways to foster effective lead generation, even during COVID-19:

  1. Use your current database to bring new leads. 

Use your AMS to learn more about your customers and help them to identify which policies they may need given today’s new reality. Do they have Whole Life or Term Life? What does their cat coverage look like? Looking ahead, national catastrophes don’t stop for viruses. We’ll soon be entering hurricane season, followed closely by wildfire season. Understand whether your customers have the right policies —  if not, this is your opportunity to offer them the right ones. You can call them, email them or use automation tools such as chatbots.

  1. Use your clients to gain access to their networks. 

How are you following up with your customers? You can check on them using surveys, sms or a virtual assistant. Make sure they are in good health and ask if there is anything you can help them with. I’m not the first one to say that relationships are your most important tools. If through this process, you find that you have a happy customer (which I’m sure you will), don’t be afraid to ask them to share your services with their families and friends. Offer free consultation calls to go over their policies and see what you can do for them. The value you’ll add is a win-win for your current clients and the new ones you’ll meet through their referrals.

  1. Create helpful content.

We are in the middle of a chaos with a lot of question marks, and everyone’s looking for advice and information they can trust right now. Share helpful insurance information and videos on your social media accounts to address the areas where you have expertise. Is COVID-19 covered by existing life insurance policies? Is this the right time to buy a new policy? Do business interruption policies cover coronavirus claims? Reinforce your role as a trusted advisor by anticipating your clients’ concerns and proactively addressing them.

  1. Create virtual events for free. 

No need to pay for a venue, fingers food or drinks — you can still bring people together! All you need to do is create a Zoom call (or use any other conference call platform). Promote your event on social media, email your clients, and ask them to invite their friends as well. Plan segmented events so that you can really get the audience you want, whether that’s for commercial insurance or P&C prospects. There’s no reason not to do a few of these!<>

We’ve done a lot of talking with agents during this time, and we’re seeing some universal truths emerge. More than ever, it’s the agents who take a creative approach to maximizing their creative mindset and a robust toolset who achieve the most. We are excited to be part of the evolution as brokers find new and improved ways of optimizing their business — both during these challenging times and as a new normal emerges in the months to come.

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