Learning: It Does Not stop. When It Stops, So Do You!

Let’s take a ride down memory lane. When you were in grade school you learned every day.   Well of course we did, we were in school. But think about it, what did we learn?   We learned the subject matters that would help us in the future. Now fast forward to college, we still learned.  We learned the subject matters that help us in the future. Boom, here we are now, the future, and we still have to learn.  For what?  To help us in our future. Do you see the pattern here?

Does this mean I have to read to the point of studying? Deep dive? No, it does not. Even if you read one article a day, one chapter a day, one newsletter, that is all it takes.  You must keep reading.

I am going to share an experience with you that I recently had. No joke. I met a gentleman on LinkedIn.  Although we were both in the insurance space, we played in different sand boxes. He wrote a book, so I decided to buy it. I was intrigued for two reasons. First, I thought it was cool that I met this guy on LinkedIn and now I am reading his book. Second, I wanted to learn more about his sandbox.

About two months after I started to read his book, I was involved in a conversation with a decision maker of a firm asking me questions about the business of the “other” sandbox. I was able to answer the questions in a way that was “high level” enough to show the gentleman I was knowledgeable “enough,” which allowed our conversation to continue further at another meeting.  The moral of the story is that, had I not started reading that book I would not have been able to get the next meeting.   Again, no joke.

Even before this incident happened to me, I was reading, but when this happened, it just solidified my actions over the past few years.

Does the reading have to be about insurance?  No. It can be about technology you use in your office, marketing strategies, self-improvement or other industries.

And consider this – do you have to read?  No, we can listen as well.  There are so many podcasts out there to listen to…on your drive to the office, of course, if you are still doing that. But perhaps, sneak in a five-minute podcast while you’re a making your coffee.

The number of resources is unlimited and most have no cost. Go for it! Dive in!

The fact that you made it this far in this article means you have done your reading for the day.

Learning does not stop.  When it does, so do you.

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