In July of 2014, LinkedIn released a new app for the iPhone called LinkedIn Connected. For insurance producers and professionals currently using LinkedIn to stay in contact with prospects, clients and colleagues, the LinkedIn Connected App is no-brainer.

If you’re not using LinkedIn to generate business insurance leads already, it’s time to get on it. LinkedIn is widely considered “The Professionals Social Network,” and for that reason tens of thousands of new B2B connections are made every day.

These connections become relationships, relationships lead to opportunities, and opportunities into sales.

But it all starts with turning connections into relationships.

That’s where the LinkedIn Connected App comes in.

The LinkedIn Connected App filters out the clutter and noise from LinkedIn, allowing users to message their contacts in the exact moments they need a message.

Specifically, the LinkedIn Connected App provides updates when a connection:

  • Has a new job,
  • Has a work anniversary,
  • Has a birthday,
  • You have an upcoming meeting with a connection,
  • One of your connections is in the news.

These small life moments provide golden opportunities for insurance producers to reach out to connections and build stronger relationships.

Keeping in contact with our connections is insurance marketing 101, online or offline.

It’s time to download the LinkedIn Connected App.

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Thank you and good luck,

Ryan Hanley

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