You want more online business.

That’s the point of engaging in digital marketing in the first place, right?

Successfully growing your business online is the result of intentional activity focused on moving would-be clients step-by-step through your digital funnel.

Today we’re going to discuss the digital marketing funnel in terms of four verbs: Attract, Influence, Acquire, and Retain.

We’re not going to take online prospects through a scammy, automated funnel, but rather a natural process of validation by which the particular prospect convinces themselves your agency is the best solution for their insurance need.

The Profitable Digital Funnel


Generating more online business starts with answering three questions:

  • Who is target client?
  • What problem of theirs will you solve?
  • Where does your target client hang out online?

Once you’ve answered these three questions you can begin to construct a message which resonate with your target client.

Google has killed the generalist. When it comes to marketing our business online we must focus on speaking to one particular type of client at a time.

ACTION: Develop and distribute messaging specific to the line of business your wish to attract.

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Once you’ve attracted the attention of your target prospect, you must next influence their decision to consider your agency.

Client reviews are an incredibly important factor in Local SEO because they create social validation in the mind of prospects considering your agency as a potential insurance provide.

Other examples of influential content include testimonials (video testimonials work great), case studies and thought-leadership articles on your website.

The goal of your website is to convince visitors your agency is the best solution for their insurance problem.

ACTION: Provide resources and social proof to create trust in the mind of your target customer.

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Once you’ve attracted your target prospect and influenced them with social proof that your agency is the right agency to solve their unique problem, it’s time to convert.

How you ask for the business is very important.

If you’re looking to write more sophisticated insurance buyers try using the word “Proposal” instead of “Quote.”

The trick is testing. Test. Test. Test.

Different words will appeal to different prospects. Keep testing till you find the call-to-action till you dial in on the words which work for type of business you want to write.

ACTION: Create relevant calls-to-action which address the problem you will solve.

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There is no reason for a client who finds the right agent and is placed with the right insurance carrier to leave.

That is, unless we forget to continue the targeted customer experience that client received in the sales process once they actually have become a client.

According to Bain & Company, continuing the customer experience after the sale earns client loyalty which leads to increased retention and better economics.

This means serving clients with relevant, targeted messages throughout their lifetime with your agency.

ACTION: Continue the same quality of targeted customer experience after the sale.

How to Lockup More Online Business {Infographic}

The infographic below provides a visual representation of the digital marketing funnel:

how to lockup more online business

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