Because the list has been pretty long in the past.

Yesterday was filled with on again off again shopping that left me in charge of some combination of children. Today, it’s a casual birthday party.

So, you know what we are really good at?

Finding reasons NOT to do something new.

You know, things like…

Having an Agency Management System (60 percent of us still don’t use them according to one carrier).

Not advertising in the Yellow Pages.

Using marketing automation.

Offering 24/7 access (services centers)

Making informative and helpful videos.

Believing websites and social media were real things.

These have all been past or present epidemics that immobilized the industry.

It kinda feels like somewhere around 1981 we decided business operations peaked and things couldn’t possibly get any better.

I will agree, a horizontal striped maroon and brown long sleeve polo shirt is as close to perfect as we’ll get.

You toss in a socially accepted mustache and it’s a wonder we ever evolved any further.

However, just for argument’s sake, what would it look like if we tried something else on?

I know the level of audacity needed to stroll around in a solid pastel polo (with or without a popped collar) is hard to stomach.

That visualization might just not make sense to you.

How could anyone possibly hear you over that shirt.

It’s screams you have no idea what you’re doing.

Maybe you don’t, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeing how much attention you get from wearing it.

Because the sooner you stop assuming it looks stupid, the faster you can start testing if it actually does.

You know, testing to find the answer first.

Not waiting until you find yourself in a dimly light room on the wrong side of waterboarding experience.

Highly questionable interrogation tactics should have nothing to do with your desire to improve the way your agency looks.

Which brings me to our latest visual dilemma, Lemonade.

Ryan tossed a couple gallons of gas in a dumpster and lit the match this week with his “Why Independent Agents Should Write Lemonade Insurance” episode of The Show.

Let’s get one thing clear, Lemonade is not the point.

They are however the latest fashion trend we’re afraid to try on.

Because forget solid color pastels, we’re talking Zack Morris and A.C. Slater levels of crazy 90’s shirts.

I’m not suggesting they’ll look good on you.

What I am saying is you’ll never know until you try it on.

Because here’s the part that really sucks.

Those unmanaged systems, manual marketing, ads on thin yellow paper and 9-5 service have all made this moment possible.

Is this another opportunity for your agency to look its best?


Let’s just be the ones to find out first this time.

See you out there and enjoy your Sunday.


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