It’s no longer enough for insurance agents to simply be part of their company or agency brand.

Today’s insurance agent must be willing to take charge and built their own expert platform.

Blogging can help you do this.

If you want to stand out among other agents and become an asset both to your clients and your agency, you need to embrace this “expert” mind-set. This is about establishing a name that appears alongside trusted material.

One of the most effective ways to begin to develop yourself as an expert to gain visibility, trust, and authority is through blogging.

I know some agency principles and sales managers disagree, but I firmly believe that every insurance producer should be encouraged and trained to actively blog.

Sales producers are the lifeblood of agency success and any method to promote and highlight their talents, personality, and expertise should be utilized.

Why is having helpful content online so important for insurance producers?

According to the Corporate Executive Board, the average buyer completes 57% of the buying process before ever contacting a salesperson.

Where do you think over half of the buyer’s research, analysis, and social proof is taking place?

They are searching for answers to their common questions and getting feedback online, mainly through websites and blogs.

If you still believe that you can provide and deliver all of your value in a phone call or face-to-face appointment, you are already fighting an uphill battle.

There is a good chance a prospect has already done their homework online on your specific insurance products and services and more importantly, there is a better chance they have also researched YOU.

What are they finding when they search?

Unless you are actively adding content online, your prospects are only checking out your competition.

Where to Start?

A blog is a great starting point for any insurance agent to create online content.

This is not about building a huge readership on day 1, 10, or even day 30. Initially, your blog will likely have very few readers. That’s ok.

As John Jantsch states in his book, Duct Tape Selling, “The act of blogging is about producing assets, not about ‘being a blogger.’”

You are building a foundation of knowledge and insight that will produce long-term results. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.

Creating a consistent blogging habit will slowly build a body a work that you can draw from in multiple situations. This includes social media updates that are worth sharing, greater communication with your prospects and clients both online and offline, and the ability to get found by search engines.

What to Write About?

This is the question most insurance agents struggle with the most. What would I even blog about?

Do you write about insurance coverages, exclusions, or underwriting topics?
What about your love for your community, small business owners, or antique cars?

Maybe it’s both.

Joe Pulizzi writes in his book, Content Inc, that the sweet spot for all content is the intersection of a knowledge or skill area and a passion point.

What is your specialized area of insurance knowledge or special skills and how could you combine that with your passion?

There are many highly intelligent insurance agents, but those that stand out leverage their specialized knowledge with a passion their audience can embrace.

More importantly, if you write only about your knowledge area without passion, you will soon burn out without the passion to fuel you.

Combining your knowledge or skill with passion is a process. It will not happen overnight and it will evolve over time.

In 2013, I began combining my expertise of cyber liability with my passion for small business owners and technology. I spent much of that year blogging about cyber issues small business owners faced and over time became known as the “cyber risk guy” in my community.

Have a Plan

Once you unpack the theme of your blog, you need to remain focused in your offering. It’s easy to get sidetracked and write about various topics and anything that comes to mind, but to be effective you need to be both consistent and clear in your message.

Blogging will provide you multiple benefits (communication skills, creativity, critical thinking), but at the end of the day it’s a sales tool. To differentiate yourself from the pack you must provide a clear message of value that will brand you as the authority in a specific area.

The Bottom Line on Blogging

The most attractive insurance agents are a resource, value provider, and thought leader to their ideal clients.

Your prospects and clients are longing for leaders, new ideas, and solutions to their problems.

Blogging is one way that you can build your own expert platform.

No one else will do it for you.

Blogging is about the opportunity for dynamic long-term results through small daily actions. Building an expert platform doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience and persistence.

Don’t wait.

Leverage this platform to share your passion, purpose, and personality. Attract ideal prospects and serve your current clients with remarkable professionalism.

Be THE leader.

Brent Kelly is the co-founder and CEO of Bizzgrizz Marketing where he helps agents stand up, stand tall, and stand out.

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