Make This 5-minute Video to Boost Your Site Traffic!

This sprint will teach you how to create, host and optimize a video that you will place on an insurance article to rank higher and generate even more traffic.
40 min

Why Should You Use Video in Your SEO Strategy?

Video provides an extra SEO boost to website pages that you’re trying to rank on Google because Google’s algorithm favors video.

It also helps you potentially convert more traffic into referrals because people engage with more of your content for longer periods of time, laying the foundation for a deeper relationship.

Here’s an example of an insurance agent in NY who has already crushed this.


He’s got the top spot on Google!


Google: “ny construction insurance” and see for yourself.

How to Make the Best SEO Video Ever

There are four steps to creating the best claims video ever:

  1. Script it
  2. Set up/Record
  3. Edit it
  4. Host it

Let’s walk through each of these.

1. Script It

Because this video is an addition to a pre-existing article, scripting shouldn’t be too hard.

You can use your article as your template.

However, there are a few structural components you should change to make the video even more enticing.

The flow of the video should be:

     1. State the consumers’ problem as a question. 

     This lets them know you understand them and what they’re going through.

2. Explain who you are.

     This lets them know that you’re a reputable expert.

3. Give your solution.

     Make it as simple as possible. Remember, they don’t care about the details. They just want their problem solved; not a historical rendition of insurance. Use stories/experiences to really make it relatable.

     4. Tell them what they should do next.

     People are lazy! If you don’t tell them what to do next, they won’t do it. So if you want them to call you, tell them that. Text you, tell them that. Email you, tell them that.

You can download this as a script by clicking “Sample SEO Video Script” above.

One of the reasons I show you the video above in particular is because Joey G is”¦.well”¦..awesome!!

But also because (a) it’s not a marketing masterpiece, (b) it’s a simple, clear solution to the consumers’ problem, (c ) it’s received almost 65,000 views.

That’s a lot of views.

That’s a lot of attention.

That’s a lot of business.

Joey G isn’t some big marketing guru; he’s first and foremost an insurance expert, just like you.

You can get these same results! If you put in the work.

2. Setup Your Shot

We’ll go through both the Starter Setup and Advanced Setup.

The Starter Setup is perfect for someone who doesn’t have the extra funds to invest in video equipment and wants the down-and-dirty free version.

The Advanced Setup is perfect for someone who can invest in better video equipment to increase the quality of their videos.

If you’re just getting started in video, try the Starter Setup first. As you get more comfortable, think about investing in better equipment.


(keep scrolling for Advanced Setup)

Here is your pre-record checklist:

1. Fasten your camera to your tripod (see above “Recommended Gear” for tripod suggestion).

2. Place your camera/tripod in front of a window for the best lighting, make sure it’s recording in landscape and adjust the height so that you are centered and your eyes are in the upper third.

3. Ask those around you to quiet down for a few minutes to record or find a room and shut the door!

4. Finally, print your script in big font and tape it to the window where you’ll be recording. Run through your script 5 – 6 times before hitting record. That’ll help everything run much more smoothly.




As opposed to the Starter Setup above, the Advanced Setup includes more gear. Instead of using natural light or taping paper to windows, we are going to get you outfitted with tools that will make recording much easier and producer higher quality results!

Here is your pre-record checklist:

1. Fasten your camera to your tripod (see above “Recommended Gear” for camera suggestions) and adjust the height so that you are centered and your eyes are in the upper third.

2. Place your ring light behind the camera, slightly above the top of your head and pointed slightly down.

3. Place your shotgun mic on top of your camera and plug it in. OR place your lav mic on top of your camera, plug it in, connect the receiver and fasten it to your shirt. Test your audio by hitting record and playing it back OR by plugging in a pair of headphones.

4. Adjust your FPS/Frame Rate to 24, your Shutter Speed to 50, your F-Stop to the lowest setting and your ISO to lighten or darken the shot as needed.

5. Open your Padcaster app, download your script and place your phone directly in front of your camera. Adjust the app speed accordingly. Or forget the teleprompter and do it!

6. Run through your script 5 – 6 times and HIT RECORD!

3. Edit It

Below, we’ll show you a few quick edits:

  • Cut out the best take (Starter & Advanced)
  • Remove pauses or mess-ups (Starter & Advanced)
  • Add your logo (Starter & Advanced)
  • Add some background music (Advanced)
  • Add a branded opening intro (Advanced)
  • Add a closing call to action (Advanced)

Our Favorite Music Sites:

When looking for a music site, make sure that you get a corporate license for the music you purchase (meaning you can use it for your business, in advertising, etc). 

If you don’t want to edit your video yourself, you can find an editor here: https://www.fiverr.com/.

Whether you make this video yourself or outsource its production, you should have a .mp4 file sitting on your computer.

In order for us to share it easily online, we need to host it on a digital platform.

How to Use the Best SEO Video Ever

Because Google owns YouTube, you get an extra SEO boost when you host on their platform.

Check out how well Giangola Insurance has done.

The first step is starting a YouTube channel.

Here’s how:

The next step is uploading and optimizing this video

Here’s how to upload and optimize it:


Now that your video is optimized and uploaded, its findable from YouTube.

The next step is to place this video in your article to give it that extra SEO boost and to give your visitors a better site experience.

This is called “embedding.”

Here’s how to do it:


Now, chill and wait for that suckah to rank.