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The modern insurance agent is using Facebook to market themselves. They post on their personal Facebook pages to reach friends. They post on their business page hoping to gain clients outside their normal circle. Agents want to build their presence, their brand, and thereby bring in customers.

But how many insurance agents are marketing in Facebook groups?

For those unfamiliar with Facebook groups, Facebook groups allow users to connect with like-minded people who typically share a similar interest or live in a similar location. Many specific interests lend themselves well to insurance marketing. A few examples:

  1. Farm/hobby farm related groups
  2. Motorcycle/powersports groups
  3. Boating/fishing groups
  4. Antique or estate sale groups
  5. Home buyers’ groups

Finding a local Facebook group that fits your passion, and fits an insurance niche, can help you connect with potential clients that you have the expertise to help and who you can relate to.

However, it is not as simple as just joining the group. You will have to be creative and willing to interact within the group often. Below, I outline a plan for marketing on Facebook groups that will help you be seen and encourage clients to reach out to you:

Manage what is publicly visible on your Facebook page.

It is important that your Facebook profile lists your employment and connects to your Facebook business page. Check your privacy settings, as these details should be visible to the public, not just your friends list. If you pique someone’s interest in a Facebook group, they may look at your Facebook profile, and you will want them to see your agency page, which will show up below your photo, if publicly visible.

You may want to list and make public other insurance jobs you have held. This can show years of experience, or experience working with different companies.

Consider making your location publicly visible as well, particularly if you plan to market in local Facebook groups. You may also want to add a bio to your Facebook profile to make you more relatable. If I were marketing to motorcycle groups or other powersports enthusiasts, my bio might read “Husband, father, motorcycle rider and powersports insurance expert.”

Make sure you do not have inappropriate or controversial photos, posts, or shares on your Facebook profile.

If you plan to use Facebook to market your agency, avoid controversial posts. Posting, “I love pancakes” is acceptable, although some people do not love pancakes. But, posting, “I love Democrats” or vice versa “I love Republicans” might turn off 50% of potential clients. Avoid posting, commenting on, or sharing socio-political content. I should not need to add that you should have Facebook posts and photos that are appropriate before you begin marketing on groups with your personal Facebook profile.

Join Facebook groups that meet interests you have that intersect well with a need for insurance.

If you are niche marketing, you will probably want to share a passion with your potential clients. This is also more likely to make you well versed in the topic at hand, thereby having more to interact on and more expertise to lend. It will also make the marketing more fun!

If you like gardening or farming, or own livestock or poultry, join a local hobby farmers, homesteaders, or local livestock group. If you are a CL agent specializing in restaurants, join local or state restaurant support, restaurant review, or food groups. If you ride motorcycles… you get the picture. Joining multiple groups is also a good idea, but do not spread yourself too thin!

Join local community Facebook groups.

In these groups, you can connect with other people in your community. This could connect you with local businesses, local city officials, and residents, who could become your biggest, most vocal fans online and within the community. These groups are also great locations to share some local marketing efforts your agency is doing.

Be engaged in Facebook groups.

Next, you must be present, engaged, and communicative in the group. You do not need to blatantly market yourself. But post often, engage with others, like comments, share funny memes and gifs, ask questions, be seen by the group. Being seen in the group ties into….

Have your profile photo market for you.

Give people in the group looking at your posts, your comments, or your Facebook profile a good first impression. In your profile picture, wear a shirt with your agency name, logo, and contact info, or, have a photo of you that displays your contact information and that you are an insurance agent. If you are planning to market to a niche group, consider having your Facebook photo match the niche. If I were marketing to farmers, my Facebook image might be me on a farm, in front of a barn, or in a cornfield with the words “Farm Insurance Agent” and my number. If I were marketing in a motorcycle group, I would have a picture of me on a Harley, wearing a shirt that says, “I insure bikers” and my number.

When you communicate in the group, people will see your Facebook picture icon. If someone clicks on you in the group, it will open to your in-group profile view, which will not show all your other profile details, but will show your picture, making your image one of the best in-group tools for marketing.

Join Facebook groups as your Facebook business page, when possible.

Try to join a Facebook group with your personal profile first, then attempt to join as your business page. This will depend upon how open the group is to allowing businesses to join and promote themselves. Local community groups tend to be more open to business promotion, whereas more specialized groups are not. Before posting marketing material to a Facebook group as your business page, it may be prudent to check with the page admin or a moderator. Local Facebook groups are great places to post about things your agency is doing. Maybe you are giving away gift cards to a popular local restaurant for each quote. Maybe you are giving away $10 per quote you do to a local charity or food bank. Maybe you will have a booth at the local town fair or festival. These are all great things to advertise in a Facebook group.

If you join a niche Facebook group and intend to market, make it clear on your Facebook business page that you specialize in their niche. Ask the moderator or admin if you can post information about your business and what you do to serve those in the group. You may even create a second Facebook business page specifically for marketing to a niche. This can allow you to customize that page to make it clear that you serve their specific market.

Check Facebook group members for “pages.”

If you are marketing to businesses or want to partner up with local businesses, you can check for what “pages” are in your Facebook group under “members.” Connect with businesses by following them on Facebook, liking their posts, sending them a private message, or even reach out to them in person with a letter or drop by their place of business. You can also see people in the group who you may have items in common with or share mutual friends. These are key prospects to connect with.

Look for opportunities to start or continue a conversation about insurance.

Look for when insurance comes up, or for opportunities to bring it up. Did a group member in a hobby farm group recently mention purchasing 40 chickens for the first time? Do they know the implications that may have on their insurance, and that they probably need an incidental farm endorsement or a full-blown farm policy?

Did a member in a motorcycle group recently post about looking into buying a new bike? This might be a great opportunity to advise on the bikes with the lowest insurance cost, with a message for the group member to reach out to you with further questions.

But above all, use Facebook groups to get your agency name out there and build up your brand.

Using Facebook groups to market is a unique and fun way to combine your interests, engage with the local community, and in doing so, market your agency, grow your client base, and develop your brand.

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