Let’s make content curation easy.

When you’re building a social media presence, it’s important to think of each piece of content you post as representative of your business’s values.

This is where the idea of “content curation” becomes strategically important: the articles and posts you share with your followers will tell them something about what your business represents.

Below, you’ll find five easy steps you can follow to make your content curation efforts shine. When done well, content curation can make your voice stand out from the crowd, and help shape your business’s brand gain traction online.

Content Curation Made Easy

1) Don’t Simply Re-package Content, Say Something About It.

A big part of content curation is making your mark – even if that mark is on a piece that someone else has written.

Don’t be afraid to throw in your two cents – as long as you’ve thought it through and write in a professional manner.

If you can be a source of great content and let people know how it might affect them or why they should be interested, your audience will keep coming back for more, and may even engage you in conversation.

2) Follow a Schedule.

It may be useful to think of your content postings like you’re setting up a meeting with your followers.

If you continue to cancel the meeting, or just don’t show up at all, your followers aren’t going to keep coming to your pages. Be predictable – post consistently. The more your following knows what to expect and when, the more they will rely on you as a quality source of information.

3) Follow Your Market.

Some of your followers use Facebook, some will love it when you tweet, and others will only get information from a blog/RSS feed.

The key here is to find out where they will be and when, and then get information out at that time.

This is not to say you should be on every social media outlet available. Find out where your target audience is, and post accordingly.

4) Don’t Steal.

While it may be tempting sometimes, copying content from another site and not citing your source can get you in to trouble. Not only will you likely anger the original author of the content, but you can also damage your credibility and SEO efforts.

Search engines record exactly when a piece of content came online and where it originated. The original source will almost always outrank a repost in search results.

Some great sources for curated content:

Make sure you are using sites with credible facts and data. If you want to be a trusted source of information, you have to make sure that you’re using information that’s credible and trustworthy, as well.

5) Remember – Be Social.

Content curation isn’t a one way street. It’s important to give credit where credit is due – but that is especially important when you’re sharing something your followers have posted.

Join a conversation, like or favorite a quote from a follower, and it’s likely they will do the same for you. Spreading your ideas on the internet is a tried and true way to grow your business online, so encourage your followers to help you put your message out there.

Content curation isn’t rocket science, but it might take some trial and error to master.

Be true to your business whenever you post; make sure you have something to say every time you put something online. Social media is a place where public perception is extremely important, so make the most of it.

The more you consciously think about your postings and act accordingly, the more likely it is that your followers – new and old – will become supporters of your business.

Thank you,

Lindsey Feiner

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