New Data Needed: Three Questions to Ask Your Insureds Today

As an insurance agent, you already know the value of data. You’ve likely spent years gathering information about your insureds and using it to grow your client relationships and your business. But in a world that’s been turned upside down by coronavirus, I’m afraid that much of that data you’ve worked so hard to gather is simply no longer relevant.

A few months ago, you likely were asking where your insureds live, where they work, whether they have a car. But much of that data may now be outdated, and the new answers may uncover very different coverage needs. Maybe your customers are no longer driving to work every day (or putting many miles on their vehicles at all). Maybe their financial situations have changed significantly. But you’re not going to know unless you ask.

So here are three key questions that you should be asking your insureds right now.

  1. Where are you physically working? This question will help you assess a multitude of potential needs. Your insured’s commute (or lack thereof) may open new options for auto insurance. New long-term home office setups may impact home insurance needs. It may not have occurred to your clients that changes to their work habits have insurance repercussions. They will thank you for the guidance. 
  1. Do you have small business insurance needs? This is not a new question, but it may have a new answer right now. Laid off workers may be setting up shop as consultants. Small business owners may be newly aware of their vulnerabilities. As a trusted advisor, an important part of your role is finding ways to service the whole person. Now is the time to expand your services to meet current needs – whether that means partnering with someone who offers small business insurance or sourcing the products yourself. 
  1. What’s worrying you right now? Let’s be honest, we all have a lot to worry about, and much of it is out of our control. But that just makes the things that we CAN control all the more important. Maybe that’s the peace of mind that comprehensive life insurance can bring to someone who worries about providing for their family. Perhaps it’s extra coverage to protect their home or belongings at a time when they can’t afford for anything else to go wrong. If you know what’s keeping your clients up at night, you can offer the right solutions to ease their concerns.

Overwhelmed by the prospect of all that outreach? Consider utilizing a virtual assistant to help you to automate the data collection process! Chatbots are easy to implement, and we can even help you to program customized follow up questions that will do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to identifying current needs.

Regardless of whether you implement technology or do it yourself, the data that you collect right now will be an essential tool to help you serve your clients during this unprecedented time. Armed with the right questions, you will be well placed to offer thoughtful insurance solutions that address your clients’ current circumstances. The opportunity is yours for the asking.

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